Thursday, May 14, 2015


It is almost half a year into 2015! I've neglected this blog. Just some updates:

Kiefer is in P1 this year and he seems to be doing quite alright in school. As predicted, he is really a very messy and scatterbrained boy. He has already lost countless erasers, pencils and well, his coin pouch many times. Though his coin pouch is usually somewhere in his bag or around the house. There have also been times when he forgets that he has spelling or 听写 the next day, and he'll end up having mistakes in those times.

Kieran is in P3 this year. We see a sharp difference between P1 & 2 and now that he is in P3. Homework is almost a daily affair and he gets a lot more homework. Assessments are another ball game altogether. We don't seem to get the hang of assessments at this point as he seems to always be doing ok in his classwork but doesn't perform in tests and exams. Still have to find our footing in that. We are trying not to be too kiasu and pressurising, but sometimes can't help but feel the need to push him. Still trying to find the balance.

On the family side, we have moved into our new home. It is really good to have our own place once again. Yes, there is more housework to be done, but it really is nice to have the entire house to myself and to do whatever I want. I've started baking and cooking more these days, now that I own a kitchen again! :) I can't say that the house is very neat and tidy, but I guess it is clean enough and it is home for us. I think the boys are happy to be in our own home too.

We will be celebrating the boys' birthdays this weekend. Another year has past, and we all have grown older by another year. It just seem that time passes faster and faster as the years go by. I think we get so busy that we just do not notice the time.  Really have to make a conscious effort to slow down and simply enjoy. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Primary 1 Orientation (Kiefer)

Our number two is entering the formal education system next year! Time flies.
We attended the Orientation programme at the school last week and well, being Kiefer, he fit right at home!

 That's him! Running off to class with his classmates!

Both of them will be in the morning session next year. I think logistically, it will be better for us. At least evenings will not be such a mad rush anymore! However, I think there will be more nagging at home trying to get this small fry to do his work. Plus, he is such a scatterbrain and I think we'll need a huge board to write all his schedules and spelling days down!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Life's full of unexpected happenings...

Loads of stuff happened over the last 2 months. And I can't seem to catch up on my sleep/ rest at all. It feels as though we keep slamming against waves, over and over again.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Taipei 2014

We took a short vacation to Taipei this March holidays. It was fun because it was a new country for us and surprisingly, the boys really loved it. The most curious thing was that Kieran was so adventurous in his eating habits this trip as he tried almost all the street food that we bought!

Day 1: Arrived in Taipei
Arrived at Taoyuan Airport and from there, it was an easy transfer by bus to our hotel near Taipei Main Station. The ticket booths are just situated right when you walk out of the airport. We took the Kuo Kwang transportation and it was only NT125 per adult all the way to Taipei Main Station.

That evening itself, we headed out to Ximen and tried the street foods there. And Kieran surprised us as he was really adventurous and tried everything that we bought. From the 臭豆腐 to the Oyster Mee Sua!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What is IT, Kieran!

At dinner, and as usual, he's running about and taking a long time to finish up.
Kiefer: I spy with my little eye, something white.
*trying to get me to play*
Me: I spy with my little eye, something pink, Kiefer!
Kiefer (with the usual cheeky look and voice): hee.. smacking!

After dinner:
Kieran: Mummy, I need the other one! (referring to what he needed to pack in his school bag.)
Me: What other one, Kieran!
Kieran (distracted on the iPad): the other one!
Me: What the other one? If you don't tell me, you'll just get into trouble tomorrow!
Kiefer (exasperated): WHAT IS IT, KIERAN?!!
Kieran: orh... the math book...

He constantly amuses and surprises us at how fast he catches onto things. He is observant and aware of what's going on around him. Sometimes sneaky too... Very adorable babe (tho' I might be bias, I'm his mum!)

A picture from earlier, small fry was so happy that Kieran was home that he ran out and gave him a big hug the moment Kieran stepped off the school bus! <3 p="">

Funny faces

The many funny faces of the boys.. all captured in a day!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bangkok (June 2013)

This is really a very, very late post. We've been so busy lately that this is one trip that I didn't compile the photos of this trip into a photobook.

We didn't quite know where to go for our holiday and since our very good friend is residing in Bangkok, we thought we would go there for a holiday and visit her (and hubby and her cute little boy) as well. Initially, we thought that 5 nights in BKK was going to be too long, but it seemed like it wasn't quite enough!

Our friend drove us down to Pattaya beach on the first day. It was a long 2-3h drive but it was fun while we were there! We had lunch under the umbrellas and Kiefer went on the jet ski.. TWICE!

This is my friend's cute little boy. He wears the hand-me-downs from Kiefer and he looks like a little Kiefer! Kiefer adores him!! 

We spent the next day at Safari World. Again, it was a long drive just to get there, but really worth it. The safari park was a self-drive park and we could really get very close to the animals there. This park has a fairly good variety of animals but what's impressive is that quantity of each type of animals they have. The Safari World boasts the largest collection of giraffes in the world. They had many lions, tigers and 5 walruses. They even had Canadian Black Bears! I'm not too sure if the bears are doing well in such a hot weather though. The kids had the chance to feed the giraffes bananas that we bought by the bucket (though again, I'm not too sure if that really is a good idea for the giraffes). It was a good experience for the boys to have such an up, close and personal experience with the animals.

The boys probably had the most fun at Kidzania while we were in BKK. They had fun working all sorts of job but it was really darn boring for us adults. We had absolutely nothing to do. Hubby and I took turns to go do our shopping. He went off for a couple of hours to get his shirt tailored (Boss Tailor, Nana) and when he came back, I took off shopping at Siam Paragon.

While we were in Bangkok, we just had to do some historical sightseeing. We took a day trip to Kanchanaburi JEATH War Museum and took the train over the death railway (Bridge over River Kwai). I've been there years ago and it was good to bring the boys back again. It is just a little look at how WWII affected the lives of people, how the POWs lived and the sheer number of soldiers who died in the war. I'm sure they took a little bit of awareness and empathy with them when we left Kanchanburi.

We took a 2 hour ride in the train that crosses the part of the original Death Railway. The train went really slowly and we could see the original wooden tracks and how close we were plastered to the side of the mountain. It was a nice windy ride. We enjoyed having the wind in our faces we we sat in the rickety train.

We'll probably visit Bangkok again. It's a nice, near enough getaway with sightseeing and shopping all rolled into one. :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

In whom I can trust

As part of the church's (and kindy's) outreach, the K1s had a short performance during the morning service today. They sing In whom I can trust. I love the beginning where the kiddos closed their eyes, and I really felt God's presence then. I loved how Kiefer took this performance really seriously and performed all the hand signs to perfection.

Here's the song, enjoy.

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