Friday, June 27, 2008


Guess who's who??

Thursday, June 26, 2008

About the thumb..

Seeing Kiefer everyday constantly reminds me of how Kieran was when he was small. Time simply flies when you are having fun!! Kieran was only doing all the things that Kiefer is doing. It all seem not too long ago!!! 

 I remember we were so amused when Kieran started sucking his fist and then his thumb!! Found these pictures and decided to scrap them. We have so many pictures of Kieran in soft copy and nobody sees them. I'm glad I took up scrapbooking, now I can make use of all these photos!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weight gain

I blogged about this when Kieran was about 2 months old to check that he was gaining well. Looks like Kiefer is gaining VERY well. Average of 170g/wk comes up to 680g/mth. Kiefer should weigh 3530g by his first month. BUThe weighed 3850g at his first month check up!!! Hope he doesn't grow into a "fat" baby!! Even with the higher limit of weight gain (at 241g/wk), he still overshoots the weight gain by about 40g!! :P

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sleeping in..

With Kiefer around, we've been sleeping late and waking up late the next day. Kieran wakes up at 11+ almost everyday! That's almost lunch time already. I wonder when we'll be able to go back to our old sleeping time (i.e. about 1030 latest). Nowadays, we sleep closing midnight almost every night!! Kiefer takes his final feed before he sleeps for the night at about 9pm, by the time i shower, finish pumping and settle down, it is usually close to 11pm. Kieran will wait for the both of us to be in bed before he will go to sleep. Even then, he sometimes remains awake even though the both of us have fallen asleep! Kiefer does not cooperate sometimes either. He sometimes wants to be carried to sleep. So I have to sit there just carrying him for about half and hour before he falls asleep. I think I am owing a really huge sleep debt. Even now, as both of them are napping, I can't seem to sleep either! I think I am the only one losing A LOT of sleep, can't sleep in the afternoons, and waking up every 3 hrs in the night!!! I wonder what I am running on!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Night Baby?

Kiefer's schedule is kind of opposite from all of us. He is usually sleepy in the day and starts to really wake up by about 8-9pm at night! This sleeping/waking schedule of hi really drives us crazy sometimes. He also doesn't seem to drink a lot of milk in the day, saving all the milk drinking for the waking hours in the evenings.  

A typical feeding frequency is as follows:
Every 2hrs if the day if he is awake, 4hrs if he is sleeping or when we are out and he is in the stroller/ carseat

After 8pm, 1 bottle of EBM at abt 9pm (he seems to drink A LOT from the bottle. We've tried giving him 70ml but he is never satisfied. The other night, he drank about 100ml from the bottle!)

He will fuss and want to suckle every 1/2 hr or so until he falls asleep at about 10pm.

He'll wake again at about midnight for another feeding and about every 3hrs after that.

In between all these feedings, I'll pump about 2x a day (about 7am and 10pm) to get used to pumping and to store some EBM so that Daddy can feed. 

I realised that I didn't record all these down with Kieran and I can't remember what we actually did with Kieran. I don't remember him being as fussy but I do remember him feeding a lot too. So we are kinda like starting all over again... 

Friday, June 06, 2008

My little Spy!

This picture was taken Sept last year. How my little boy has grown!! He still looks really cheeky tho' :)

He is in his Terrible Twos now and we seldom pass a day without some crying and fights. However, al is still well. At the end of it all, he always returns to be the sweet little boy he's always been!!

Some fights that we get into:
Clothes - not wanting to change to go out
Diapers - not wanting to get into them but not willing to pee in the toilet
Seating - not wanting to get into the high chair/ not wanting to get into his own seat/ wanting to sit on me in my seat/ not going into the car seat/ not going into the stroller
Toys - bringing toys to bed (including an empty toy box)/ not willing to share toys
Crying - crying/ whining whenever he doesn't get his way (that's rather tiring cos we have to sit there and let him cry it out)

I guess as all references say, toddlers at this age have difficulty expressing themselves due to the lack of language and yet having a developing personality. So suck it up and wait it out!! :P

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Milk Strike?

Even with all the excitement over the iMac, I thought that I should blog this down, as reference to refer to if it happens with Kiefer.

Kieran is refusing milk these days. He either does not want his milk, or he'll not finish drinking it. I've already made less milk for him each time but he still doesn't finish. He's starting to skip his early morning 110ml, and for the rest of the day, he doesn't finish the milk given to him. I wonder if it is because of the presence of Kiefer. Anyway, I've tried giving him milk in a cup, doesn't work either, unless the milk is soya milk. i think his total milk intake is probably between 400ml to 480ml (a drop from 740ml). That's quite a huge drop. He is on the lower limit for milk intake (between 480 - 720ml) for a toddler. Nowadays, I try to boost his calcium intake with yoghurt and ice-cream (yipee for him!!) instead.

Meanwhile, some photos from Kiefer's full month celebration:

An Apple a day...

A continuation to the previous post. We've gotten a refurb iMac yesterday and we are loving it! Yes, we are still trying to get used to using the Mac system, but I am enjoying it already! First of all, the interface looks really neat and clean, the images are crisp and sharp. Just looking at it makes me feel that it was money well spent... haha.. I think that this iMac is an indulgence. Even Kieran is loving it. He loves watching his cartoons and slideshow of photos on the 24" screen. Looks like the 3 of us will be fighting over this new item in the house!!!

Apple.. yum...

iMac, 24-inch, 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
I'm having fun!!
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