Monday, September 29, 2008

Kieran loves school today!

I thought it was going to be a nightmare getting Kieran to school today. He hasn't been to school since Tuesday last week and including the weekend, it was 5 days of no school. Today, as we walked him into class, he was ok with not holding our (mine or Ah Gong)'s hands and walked in himself. Maybe it had to do with the fact that there was balloons in the classroom today. Anyway, I shouted "bye" to him, he simply turned and said "bye! see you!" :D I think after so many days of no school, he actually misses school and realises that it is actually fun to go to school! *crossing my fingers* I hope like what Mrs Chan says, "a turning point".

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sniff! Sniff!

Yes, the whole family (except the Daddy) is down with a bug. I suspected that Kieran brought it home from school. I seem to have gotten it the worst. I came down with a bad throat, a blocked nose and I am hacking my lungs out now. Kieran was alright the last few days but started coughing 2 days back. Kiefer just has a blocked nose. However, we are all recovering now, and I think it'll be many more of such episodes now that Kieran is in school. :( Anyway, Kieran came down with a swollen eye (think it was a sty) as well. And the good thing was that after I applied some medication for him 2 nights back and he cried so hard when I gave him his cough med, he actually managed to squeeze so hard that the sty burst and thus the swelling has subsided!!

That's K with his swollen eye playing "Set set set" with K2.

And this is what we've been doing the last week!!
Dancing and Jumping around the house!

Playing ball

Looking at picture cards!

Friday, September 26, 2008

babylegs... the mama-made ones..


thanks to Everything your mama made & more, I made my first pair of leg warmers for fer. Not that he needed them in SG, but just trying to cultivate the thought of a holiday at the end of the year to somewhere cold. but, with these warmers, he can now go cold shopping centers in his onesies!!

On to my 2nd pair!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

yes, it's the Flyer again!

Right, Kiefer sucks is thumbs (in fact any part of his hands that he can get at) loads nowadays, gets them all slimy and yucky!
And Kieran is trying to do the "victory" sign when he takes photos. He'll go "cheese" and tries to sign!

My solemn and deep-in-thots hubby.. heh..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

K is for Kiefer


something for my little baby... :D

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the WHEEL (& Week #2 @ Preschool!)

Went on the Singapore Flyer on Saturday. Was supposed to be a "reward" of sorts for Kieran for attending a week of school. Ha. Was going to bring him swimming in the morning but it was drizzling and cold, and as teachers, we had complimentary passes to the flyer and so off we went! By the way, Kieran calls it the "wheel" cos Singapore Flyer proves to be too much of a mouthful for him. Also, it just looks like a wheel to him!

To prevent the "dowan to go school" syndrome after a weekend, we brought Kieran to school on Saturday morning, pretending to show Daddy his school. We had to act disappointed that school was closed that day. Haha! On Sunday, I attended Sunday class with him. He clung on to me throughout the entire session. The tactic seemed to work because it seemed easier for him to go to school and on Tuesday, he walked in himself, parked his bag and just went about his business. No crying, nothing. And I thought all was good until today, he didn't want to wear his uniform in the morning and cried when I handed him over to his teachers. However, I think he was just trying his luck. Cos the crying stopped after only about a minute or less. Once I was out of the door, I peeped in, he was being carried and not crying anymore! We'll see what happens tomorrow.  He always seems happy when he sees me at the end of his school day. And when I ask him about school, it is always "syess!" So I guess while he is there, he really enjoys himself. But my poor baby is paying the sleep debt of having to wake up early. Today, he almost fell asleep on the way home and it was 1140am!! And poor thing, he didn't even get to drink his milk cos the bottle somehow leaked and he had milk all over him!!

I've gotta think of a new strategy for tomorrow. Think I'll wake him up earlier and get him to take a shower. It is usually easier to get him to change after a shower. He has this thing for staying in his PJs. I don't think it's just the uniform, I think it's getting him to wear anything else other than his PJs with his smell from the entire night.. ha.

Anyway, since we have complimentary passes till the end of the month, I think we'll go on the flyer again this weekend. With the lousy economy, it's time to save money and go for cheap (or better still, free) entertainment!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day #5 @ Preschool

Getting smarter. Held on to my hands with BOTH hands once we reached the colourful gate. He still wanted to go in and play, but made sure that I went with him.

Handed him over to his chinese teacher and left. 
Heard him crying away!

Picked him up at 1130, he looked alright. No look of relief, no want to cry. But was happy to see me. Hope he starts to get the idea that I (or ah gong/ daddy) will always be waiting outside to pick him up.

Anyway, we took a bus to school today and the ride was 45min! He was so tired by the time he got to school. Came back home, ate a few mouthfuls of lunch, started trying to poop but poop was stuck, crying and whinning to get the poop out. Once something came out, gave him a bottle of milk and now he is asleep! It is only 1pm!! Poor baby. Got to revert back to driving daddy to camp then him to school. At least he gets to sleep in the car for another hour!

Btw, he brought home a colouring of an apple yesterday, and today, he made a lantern (but I'm sure with loads of help from the teachers ha.)

Just for the record: I am very proud of my not-so-little baby. Even with the crying, he is really doing great. He's got to adjust to so many things this year and has been taking everything so well! 

As for Kiefer, he's been really good too. Sleeping in uncomfortable positions (slinged onto mummy, or on the hard bench) while waiting for Kor Kor to finish school everyday! 3 cheers for Kiefer too!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day #4 @ Preschool

Realised that the "bye, see you" is real. refused to let go of me and cried when i left.
When I picked him up at 1130, he had this look of relief and the "want to cry" face but he held his tears! Gave him a toy car set and he was happy already!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day #3 at Preschool!

Kieran DIDN'T cry at all after I left!!!! 
The teachers said that he did very well. He played by himself and didn't look for me and didn't cry at all!!

Woah!!!! Great job baby!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Day #2 @ Preschool

Kieran enjoys going to school. If you ask him whether he likes school, he go "school? syess". He only says yes to stuff he likes. However, he still clings to me quite a bit. Kept wondering out of his play area to look for me. I think he is going to cry tomorrow when I just drop him off and go away. However, the principal says that she is confident that Kieran will be fine. I think so too, but still, it breaks my heart to see him cry (tho' I am fully capable to not doing anything while he cries haha..)

Overall, I think he is doing very well, considering this is the 1st time he attends something like that. The only previous classes he's gone for were just Tumbletots and Mummy/Daddy was always with him. He is considered one of those who cannot settle into the classes yet, but some of the other kids have been attending playgroup and stuff so... Well done Kieran!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Friday, September 05, 2008

Luggage Tag

Since my not-so-little Kieran is going to school soon, I decided to make him a little luggage tag to make sure that his bag doesn't go missing. Also, there's a little card inside with the address and contact number written on. Kinda like a "if found please return to" tag! Got the idea from Crafty Suzanne. I made it out of foam so that it will be a little studier to withstand rough handling. It's not fantastic, but I'm quite happy with the overall result!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thomas saves the Day!

Spent a bomb bringing Kieran and Kiefer to the Thomas Saves the Day show last night! At least it was a good show. Lotsa singing and music. It was a little short, about 45min (minus intermission etc) but I guess children's attention aren't that long. 

Here are some shots of the show!!

Documenting the takeaways for the evening:
1) Blue Thomas T-shirt (Kieran wore it over whatever he was wearing the ENTIRE evening!)
2) Thomas & Percy plate (Kieran held onto it the ENTIRE evening)
3) The little blue cap which we only bought at the end of the show cos we saw how cute other kids look in it. haha..

Kieran was really good last night. He sat through the entire show on Daddy's lap and didn't get up to jump around or whine or anything! Before we went into the hall, we stopped at the little memorabilia stand outside and he was looking so sad when he saw other kids carrying super exorbitantly-priced light sticks and he didn't have any. Although he wanted 1 as well, he didn't make a big fuss. He just stood at the table looking at all the items on sale. That was when we decided to buy him the blue Thomas t-shirt (which, by the way was quite expensive too). I told him that we couldn't buy the light stick because it was very expensive and Mummy had no money for it! He seemed to understand and was REALLY happy with his t-shirt!! He didn't whine for the light stick that he so wanted! He really is a great kid! I love you baby!! He was smiling the entire evening and really really enjoyed himself. It is moments like this that we forget how he sometimes just drive us nuts!!

Kiefer was also a very good baby that night. He stayed up and watched the entire 1st half of the show and only went to sleep during the intermission. He was quiet and didn't disturb anyone at all!! 

Anyway, we had great seats last night. We were actually sitting in the FIRST row, right in front of the stage. Thus even when the mic stopped working for one of the actors during 1 part of the show, we could still hear what he was saying! Ha. Spent a bomb remember??

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


found a really fun site. took the words from my previous entry and it generated an image outta it!! real fun for scrapbooking!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Kiefer is 4 months old!

Our little Kiefer is 4 months old now! Time for some updates!!

about 7-8x a day
10-15min each time
1 EBM feed in the evening (110ml-140ml)

not very often. 
once a week if left to his own devices! :P

laughs loads when people play with him
talks loads when he is happy
complains to tell us that he is hungry/sleepy/ uncomfortable
loves ele
loves to bounce on the bed with Kieran
chomps on his fingers/ fist/ whatever he can get his hands on

is 7.2kg!!

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