Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One last post for the year!

It's been a good 2008 with a great Hubby and 2 wonderful boys. Just looking forward to 2009, especially as Fer is really growing up so quickly. Looking forward to all the outings/ fun we'll be having and all the running after the boys that we have to do! :)

Happy new year everyone!

Will end off with some funny stuff that our boys get up to (usually it's just Kieran, and him getting his brother into them!).

Monday, December 29, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

No more... xxx

Kieran has a bad habit of licking his fingers and smearing saliva all over his fingers recently. So we tell him if he does that again, we'll put la-la (chilli) on his fingers. So whenever he does does that we'll go "Daddy (or Mummy)! Bring La La!!" and he'll go "No more la la!!!" And we'll pretend to scramble and run to the fridge to get the chilli sauce and then have a good laugh about it.

The "No more xxx!!" extends to almost everything actually. e.g.

Dinner time
M: What do you (Kieran) want to eat for dinner? Noodles?
K: No more noodles! No noodles!
M: Sushi?
K: No more sushi!
M: Pasta?
K: No more As...ta!!
M: yes , pasta
K: No Yes!!
M: ??? :P

My sweet baby...

Lying in bed with Kieran (in his own room) trying to get him to sleep.
M: *yawns*
K: Mummy tired..
This is the first time I've heard him use the word "tired" and used correctly!

K: accidently knocks his head on the headboard.
M: is it ouchy? pain pain? *rubs his head*
5 mins later
M: tries to ignore him and pretends to be sleeping as he tries to get out of his bed.
K: *lightly taps his head on the headboard* Mummy, pain pain.
M: ignores and pretends to sleep
K: *lightly taps his head on the headboard again* Mummy, pain, pain.
M: ignores again
K: *smacks his palm on the bed with a whack* Mummy, pain, pain.
M: :P

Mummy lies on the floor next to Kieran's bed and pretends to sleep.
K: *climbs off the bed and lies next to Mummy, puts arms around Mummy and smiles*
M: *smiles back* :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The boys' room

The room is more or less completed. I guess other things will slowly come along when we find them.  Kieran likes the room a lot (phew!). We put in tables under the window where he could place his toys. Tonight is the 2nd night that he is sleeping in the room. We are rather surprised that he didn't resist as much as we had expected him to. Then again, it's only the 2nd night. As much as I'm glad that he is going into his own room, I kind of miss having him sleeping next to me in my bed. :( Yup, my baby's growing up. 

Kiefer will join his Kor Kor in their bedroom very soon. Probably when school starts. Now I'm quite lazy to wake at 530am and walk over for his morning feed. Fer will probably be easy. Afterall, he falls asleep on his own all the time. We just have to put him in bed with his pacifier and a cloth nappy/ blanket, he roll around a bit, sniffs his nappy and zzzzz... We may have to move his cot over for him as he does roll around a bit when he wakes up. I don't think the small rail on the toddler bed is going to stop him from falling onto the floor.

That's Fer Fer napping in his bed yesterday afternoon.

Added photos of the boys on the wall. Kieran loves the 2 posters that we framed for him. His current cartoon favourite is WALL-E anyway. He'll look at the poster and says WALL-E/ EVE  and he sounds exactly like WALL-E in the movie!! But he refers to the poster as Fer's cos it sits above Fer Fer's bed. (Kieran chose the bed nearer to the window himself). He loves the Cars poster as well and since these posters were only $10 each, we figure we can always change them when a new favourite comes along. 

The vinyl stickers on the wardrobe were bought in HK on our last day there. Chanced upon a hawker selling them of a makeshift "table-stall" at Mong Kok MTR station. Only HK$10 for both. I didn't know that they were vinyl stickers when I bought them. Thought that they were regular stickers. Turns out, these vinyl stickers are really good. Kieran can actually tear them off and put them back onto the glass. Quite durable.

Anyway, we went down to Spotlight and picked up 3 patterned cotton fabric (Cars, Bob & Nemo) to make sheets for their beds. Gotta find time to get down to doing it!!

Right, 2 nights down, many more to go. Hopefully he really, really likes sleeping in his own room. *crossing fingers*

Friday, December 19, 2008

Project Clean Up House

We've been back from Shanghai for a week already but I still haven't found the time to really blog about it. So what have been busy with? 

We've been trying to clear up clutter in the house and started this project before we left for Shanghai and we are now frantically trying to complete Project Clean Up House before Christmas next week. 

Stuff that have either been completed or going to be attended to include:

Bought new shelves to house all the stuff lying around the study and the guest room. Things that we use all the time will be put onto these shelves. My scrapbooking stuff takes up 2 shelves out of the 15 there.

In order to move me out of his space (cos he says that I clutter the table), we've gotten another table and put it in the other side of the room. And because I use the iMac most of the time now (and he got himself a macbook), it now sits on my table!! :D I love the little extendable table on the right side! Gives me extra space when I need it!

The last thing to be done is to really clear out the guest room to convert it into the boys room. We've cleared out most of the things in there already. The biggest item, which was the queen sized bed was given to our neighbour, and that really freed up a lot of space in the room. In order to properly empty the room, we had to throw things out from our storeroom (bomb shelter) to make space for the stuff that cluttered the guest room. I guess all is good cos we were just throwing and throwing. We followed the "if you didn't think about/know/use it in the last 5 years, chances are it's never ever going to be used". Once we did that, we found that we really had a lot of room in the store. All our suitcases can now go into the store!

Once the guest room is cleared out, I've got to give it a good cleaning and move in the little toddler bed that sis is giving me. Also, we will move the playpen in there as Fer's bed for a while before we shift the cot over. We figure it's gonna be tough getting Kieran to sleep with Fer in their own room. Wish us luck!

On top of cleaning up the house, I also spent about 2 days compiling the photos of our trip on iPhoto to send for printing. Hopefully it'll be ready by Christmas eve. And, I've got to start preparing work stuff!! :(

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kiefer is 7 months old..

and we are all flying to Shanghai tomorrow!!! Yipee!!

So how is our little boy doing now? He is now a very vocal and talkative baby. Loves to make this guttural, throaty sound and responses when you start making them. He also squeals to catch our attention, especially when there is no one near him! He grabs at anything and everything around him and puts them in his mouth! It is just so amusing to see him holding a blanket or a nappy cloth in his hands when you clearly remember moving everything away from him when you first put him down! You just wonder how on earth he got to them! Also, he loves to cover himself with a nappy or a blanket and then give you a cheeky smile when you lift it off his face! He do it again and again, just waiting for someone to pull the nappy off him and he'll give a very sheepish smile!

On the pooping end, since he started on solids, he poops a little more often. However, since I introduced yoghurt to him, he kinda stopped pooping again!! :( I didn't want to massage his tummy today cos I didn't want him pooping on the flight tomorrow!! So I got to remember to massage his tummy when we reach Shanghai tomorrow!! the good thing is that, his tummy still feels soft. 

Updates on the eating? He has since tried:
rice cereal
sweet potato (not too good)
pears (Earth's Best)
peach (Earth's Best)
oatmeal cereal (Healthy Times)
plain yoghurt (mixed with bottled peach)

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