Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Another 20 hours to boarding! We are rather excited about this trip as it's been a year since we've last gone California! It'll be extra fun this time cos we've got Kiefer with us! :D The suitcases are more or less packed. We are carrying loads of stuff this time, the amount of milk powder?? Woohoo!! Thank goodness Kieran's off diapers already. That's like 1 suitcase less! :P

I guess this will be the last trip to the US for awhile. I don't see how we can afford long holidays, what with work committments and cost! So we'll have a blast this time around and maybe, in a couple of years, we may just go Disneyland again, but hopefully, DisneyWorld in Florida! :P

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

100 stars

We started this "Get Star" system sometime earlier in the year when we were trying to potty train Kieran. Rule of the game is simple, you do good (potty or otherwise) you get stars, if you don't then you don't! The aim was to reach 100 stars and the prize? "Sit aeroplane, go use-A, go Disneyland" :P And today, he stuck on his 100th star!! He would have gotten it sooner but we had to space out the giving of stars so that it'll last till the trip. hee.. also, sometimes we do forget to give him his stars too.

Bravo Baby!! For getting 100 stars!!! :D

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kieran's art gallery

Kieran (and Kiefer) is always drawing and doodling and I've always felt bad thrashing their doodles away! I think they really make great showcase pieces! Also, I thought that he'll probably feel more encouraged when he sees his artwork hung up for display. :D

See that little hole on the right-most art? We were all doodling on the floor and I drew a heart there. And since he (Kieran) was drawing an aeroplane, he decided that the heart cannot be there!! I tried colouring over it, but he said no. I had to cut it out!! ha.. perfectionist huh?? :P

I've been googling around to see how I can display/use children's art pieces and there were some pretty good ideas!!

Here are some ideas:
1) recycle as gift wrap
2) cut them up to make greeting cards
3) Scrapbook them
4) Blog about them
5) Create a portfolio for them
6) Take photographs of them before you trash them! :)

Read more at Kids's Craft Weekly

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kiefer's first professional hair cut!

Stylo eh...? :P

He was so calm during the entire hair cut. We knew that he'll probably not fuss, but he surpassed our expectations. He sat by himself, allowed the lady to cover him with the coverall, watched his Barney and let her cut away. At the end of the entire session, he allowed her to vacuum away all the hair even! The only look he had on the face was, "yah.. just cut quickly yah. just get it done." :P Bravo baby!!

Could see from the photos that his right eye is swollen. Some big (mozzie or something) bit his face darn close to his eye. And him being quite allergic to bites, had his eye all swollen from that tiny bite. :(

Feeling blessed..

M: I'm so tired, Kieran
K: Come mummy, I kiss you then you not tired anymore.
M: :)
K: Come, I hug you.
*Kiss & Hugs*
M: :D :D

Monday, November 09, 2009

Kieran's first ever concert

Kieran had his first ever kindy concert on Saturday. Boy! We are so proud of our not-so-little boy! He performed throughout the entire item, no "shocked-and-stood-there" like what many parents told me their children did. He thoroughly enjoyed the event too!

And Kiefer? Well, he was great too. Even though he didn't get to have a good nap before the show, he was a good sport and lasted through the entire 1 hour+ performance!! Bravo!

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