Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Who will take care of me?

I had to go work today and was all changed, waiting for the daddy to come home to take over childcare duties. Kieran saw me get changed and asked where I was going. Told him I had to go work. His first reaction was "who is going to take care of me?" The conversation went like this:

K: where are you going?

M: I've got to go work.

K: (with a worried look) who's going to take care of me? Daddy's not at home!

M: can u take care of yourself and Kiefer until daddy comes home? Lunch is in the kitchen. Get your own lunch later?

K: no.... cannot. Must mummy and daddy take care of me!

This is just how much the boys are very dependent on us and that they trust us so wholeheartedly. (Just wonder how some people betray such trust!!) As much as they are so pesky and naughty at times, they are just so honest and trusting and loveable. :D

I just love me boys.
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