Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baa Baa Black Sheep - Kiefer's Version

I can't remember if I've blogged this before. But since I am laughing about it now, I am going to put it down so that I'll remember it for years to come.

Here's Kiefer's version of Baa Baa Black Sheep:

Baa Baa Black Sheep any anywhere!
Yes sir, yes sir, big bad wolf!

Yes, he gets confused by the words and thus he just fits them with whatever familiar words he knows. And in this case, he puts the 3 little pig story into his song!! :P

Monday, January 10, 2011

Moved. Into. Own. Room

We've finally moved the boys into their own room. We cleared up the boys' room and moved them in just before Christmas. The first night was pretty easy because Kiefer thought that we were just having some fun. Come second night, he got wiser and started crying when bedtime drew near. We actually had to lock our room door and heartlessly leave him crying outside our door for quite awhile. Kieran fell asleep after a while and at about 11pm, we came out of our room to see the small fry (poor thing) playing in the dark in the room.

The next couple of nights were bad. He would start crying and refuse to take a bath and change into his pjs. We realised that we had to sit with him till he falls asleep. Thank goodness he is a fast sleeper. It usually only takes him about 15mins to fall asleep.

As for Kieran, he was really good in this whole moving into their own room business. He tried to be funny by bringing Kiefer along when he kept running out of the room pretending to be afraid. However, he has been sleeping through in the bed room and not running to our room at all! :D He even asks to nap there in the afternoons. We don't even need to sit with him for him to fall asleep. Usually he will still be awake after Kiefer falls asleep and he is perfectly fine with us leaving the room while he falls asleep by himself. He really surprised us as we expected him to be the difficult one because he is usually a very routine person, doing the same things in the same places and similar times.

It's been about 3 weeks already and things are looking good. Looking forward to Kiefer falling all asleep by himself so that we don't have to spend time sitting there in the dark with him.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Our baby is in preschool!

Sounds cliche, but time really zooms by just like that. Our little Kiefer has started Nursery 1 at Trinity Methodist Church Kindergarten since Wednesday (5 Jan 2011). Just like that, he is making a transition from a play-all-day childhood to one that involves "studying"!!

Kieran started the school year 1 day earlier than Kiefer. And on Kieran's first day of school, Kiefer insisted on wearing his uniform and following gege to school as well. So I allowed him to do so and he was so happy to be carrying his backpack and water bottle and "attending" school. He had a great time in the 1/2 hour we spent at the kindy.

Followed Kieran to school. "Unofficial" first day in school!

He had fun playing with the train set there, and he didn't wonder why there was nobody in the class!!
His real first day of school went pretty well as well. He was happy to be wearing his school tshirt and go to school. He was one of the few in his class who did not give any trouble (i.e. not crying and yelling) and was very independent in playing and eating his snacks. :) He was also very participative, always sitting right in front of the teacher when they are asked to gather for activities. However, I also did observe that he is always trying to grab things (i.e. puppets) out of the teacher's hands all the time and always trying to fiddle with the CD player!! :P

Singing songs and playing with friends.
First to be seated when asked to gather.
Day 3 and 4 wasn't as smooth-sailing. Though he is always happy the moment he reaches school, it was difficult getting him into his uniform in the mornings! On Day 3, he was in such a bad mood that he was crying and refusing to put on his blue uniform! After much struggling, bribing and scolding, we managed to get his uniform on!! And then he refused to put on his shoes to leave the house. Finally, after telling him that I was going to leave him at home and send Kieran to school, he then put on his socks and shoes!! And yet, he was happy once he was at school. He even dismissed me by saying "Bye, Mummy!" when I went into his classroom asking if he was enjoying himself!!

Got up on the wrong side of the bed on Day 3!!!

So darn unhappy about having to wear his uniform. He was just saying "NO!" to everything!

I left the sending the boys to their Gong Gong on Friday as I have to be back at school for a meeting. I received a message at 8am saying that Kiefer refused to wear his white polo tshirt (they have a schedule for the 2 sets of uniforms in the week) and was wearing his blue one to school! This little fella is simply in such an oppositional behavioural stage!!! The school teachers were already "complaining" that he refused to sit down when told to do so and kept wandering all over!! *shakes head* Even Ah Ma complained about him being totally uncooperative when told to go bathe!

Still I'm glad that he always answers "School is fun, fun!" whenever I ask him about it. Just glad that both our boys enjoy school and I believe that is the most important factor in facilitating learning. This was also the first consideration we made when choosing the preschool for them. That they will have fun and thus learning would come naturally after. :D

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year! (This includes the christmas post)

It is 2011 already and I have yet to post about our Christmas! Gosh! How behind time am I and what a way to start the new year!! :P I guess I'll have to do a 2-in-1 post right here, right now.

We had a simple family gathering on Christmas Eve this year. We would always host the Christmas dinner in the years that we are not holidaying (read: almost every other year we are in the US). Christmas eve was a working day for most of our family (with the exception of the retirees and of cos the teachers! :P) I literally cooked up most of the food for the dinner that day. I was really surprised to find that I actually had a very relaxed time cooking this dinner. I kind of remember previous years where I'll get hot and sweaty by dinner that I can' eat anything anymore!

Anyway, this was the dinner menu that I prepared:

This is ALWAYS the staple at family dinners cos they "old folks" just can't do the "ang mo chiak" :P And this was prepared my MiL.
  • Curry Chicken
  • Fried Rice

Other stuff brought by people:
  • Chng Tng by the Ah Kor
  • Log cake and Mince Pies from Cedele by Big Sis

These are the only pictures I took of the food that night. Everyone started eating as we brought the food out and I didn't have the chance to snap pictures at all!!
The Roasted Turkey
The carved turkey
On Christmas morning, the kids had fun digging into their stockings to find little gifts in there, and of cos, open up their presents under the Christmas tree. They already knew about some of the toys that were wrapped up there and they were already asking to open them everyday for 2 weeks prior to Christmas!

Look at all the presents under the tree and they all belonged to the boys!

Small Fry was so excited over the tube of jelly beans he got in his stocking.

See that blue tower on the table, that was the new airport set from Fastlane that the boys got for Christmas. And that was the one toy they really wanted to open for the entire 2 weeks. We bought it at Toys 'R' Us HK and lugged the huge box back to Singapore.
It's been a great Christmas this year, nice and relaxing. No rushing around. And even though I did last minute shopping for presents for the children, it wasn't too bad. All I did was to pop into the Popular Bookfest and grabbed bargain books for everyone. I think these are really thrifty and wonderful gifts for everyone!

New Year:
The kids eating Christmas candy for the New Year! :P Just a note, these jelly candy lollipops are really darn sweet. Both our boys didn't finish theirs. Both of them went through about half of it and threw it out. :D I took 1 bite of their leftovers and found out about the sweetness!! I'm glad that our 2 boys are not huge candy eaters!!

It was a quiet new year's eve for us. We went over to my Mum's for a steamboat dinner, the children had a fun time playing with each other and then we went home. Kiefer fell asleep before we heard people counting down to the new year and the fireworks going off. Kieran didn't really know what was happening and simply wondered what that loud sound was. I put the first load of laundry of the year into the dryer at 12.09am (yes, I checked the time :P) and then send Kieran back into his own room again (I need to post about this soon too! It's been more than week since the boys moved into their own room) to sleep while the 2 of us watched Little Fockers till 330am. So this was how we started 2011. :P
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