Sunday, February 19, 2012

The no longer blue toe

[continuation of The Blue Toe]

Kiefer went for his swimming class as usual. After swimming for a bout 20mins, we found that the clot was not visible anymore. I thought that the blood vessels probably constricted so much that the blue can't be seen. I thought it'll probably reappear when he dries off and warms up.

However, he knocked his toe against the wall of the pool just as he was coming up from the last activity and broke the skin on that toe. It started bleeding. It's been 5 hours and the toe looked normal, no more clot, but the nail looked ghastly white. Think the nail is dead and will probably still fall off. So I think he bled the clot out.
20 min into the swim

The fat crazy toe after we bandaged it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kieran venting his frustration

Kieran sometimes has difficulty in expressing himself and he gets himself into such fits of anger. I remember once, sometime late last year, he got himself so worked up and angry over something his cousin did that he stomped upstairs to his bedroom and shut himself there, refusing to talk to anybody. He stewed for so long that he eventually forgot what he was angry about but just knew that he was angry.

Today, he got upset that Kiefer called him a "cheater" while they were playing a game of kick ball (He calls Kiefer a liar when Kiefer says something that he (Kieran) didn't see him do. He still doesn't fully understand the term liar, neither does he understand the use of the word cheater.) He got so upset that he took the toy binoculars that he was wearing and started whacking the car with it! (Thank goodness the binocs were rubberised. He caused only 1 tiny dent in his grandpa's car.) Once he did that, he realised that he was in big trouble. We went through a good 20mins (at least) of scolding and then talking him into owning up to his mistakes. We had to make him go to his grandpa to tell him what happened and to apologise. We refused to go with him and told him that we were upset with his behaviour and that we still love him nonetheless. We also told him that we will wait for him in our room while he goes into his grandpa's to apologise. The whole process took a really long time. He had to learn that he has to pay the consequences for his mistakes and that this was something really small compared to what he may face in future.

The Blue Toe

Hope he learns his lesson this time. I have been telling him not to touch this antique looking telephone that is kept in a cupboard at 外婆's house but he just tries his luck every time. Last Sunday, he finally got hold of it when no one was looking and started playing with it. He accidentally dropped it on his big toe and bruised it big time. It is still a little swollen today and he complains that it still hurts when he puts his shoes one. And so, he has the excuse to wear sandals to school for the last 2 days.

The bruise about 5 mins after the accident.
After ice-ing it. 2 hours later.
The next day in the afternoon.
After 2 days

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Time flies way too fast

It's already 5 weeks into 2012. We've been busy, with work, with school with everything. The boys have started swimming and Chinese classes again, thus the week flies by with us running everywhere.

Took this photo last week. I came back from work early and wanted to take a nap. Small fry woke up as I came back and as usual, he'll always want somebody to snuggle with him when he just wakes up. I was just thinking, it'll be really soon that he'll not want to do this any more.
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