Saturday, May 19, 2012

Month of Celebration 2012

We are almost done celebrating our birthday month! (We had a great month but boy, was it tiring as well!!)

The month started with Kiefer's birthday. He first had a celebration in school with his classmates. He asked for a Lightning Mcqueen cake this year. So his cake for school was ordered from Bengawan Solo.

We had a little celebration at home with immediate family. Also had a Lightning Mcqueen cake. But this one made by 外婆.

And then we made a short drive up north for some family getaway. It was just 24 hours of eating and swimming.

As Kieran's birthday fell on a Thursday, we celebrated it on the Saturday BEFORE the date. And so, the following weekend (after our Melaka getaway), we were partying again! On the same Saturday, the boys went along with me to my school's sports carnival. They had fun the entire morning, running around. Kieran had so much fun at the soccer kickabout. And Kiefer, had his share of fun when he participated in the kiddo's novelty race.

After a good nap, birthday celebrations for Kieran started. We had a mini BBQ as it was a Saturday, and everybody could stay late. And he had a Ninjago cake made by 外婆 as well!
For both their birthdays, we also had a Lego minifig jello made and they simply enjoyed jabbing the cake knife into the cake! ;}

and again, another birthday celebration in school on the actual day. He has a classmate, Tyrone, who shares the same birthday as him. So they kinda had a combined birthday celebration. He asked for a Transformers cake this time and well, it is easier to get that than if he were to ask for some Lego character one.

Another May has gone by just like that! My boys (and myself) have grown another year! It's nuts to think that Kieran will be in Primary 1 next year already!! Seriously, Carpe Diem!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Queen or Mummy?

This happened at bed time last night.

Kieran says, "We'll make you the queen of our house, k?"
Kiefer says," No, I want you to be my mummy!"
Either way, both thoughts made me smile! :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Kiefer is 4!

My Labour Day baby has turned 4!!
Here's a look at his year!

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