Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10.5 weeks of school flew by just like that!

Yup, we've survived finished ONE term of school! Yay!! That was 10 and a half weeks (yes, school started half a week earlier) and boy are we glad the holidays are here!

Other than complaining (a lot) about having less TV and play time, I must say that Kieran has done pretty well in this term. He even made it through 3 weeks of assessment tasks in the final 3 weeks of school.

Even though he has much less time on weekdays, we've been spending more time as a family in our weekly Saturday morning cycling at ECP. Both boys are cycling very well now. We can now cycle for about an hour from the hawker center to the Safra resort and back.

Kiefer is also doing very well in his Chinese class. We have been so busy with Kieran in primary school that we simply ferry Kiefer to and from his class every week. We do not go through his work throughout the week (his bag stays closed until the next Chinese class) and to our surprise, he managed to score a 59/60 for his final review. This little one really surprises us all the time.

We are almost halfway into our one-week break. We'll probably head out somewhere for a couple of days and then back to our schooling routine next week, :( .
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