Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some misc Japan photos

Headed to the Blossom Outlet Mall in Osaka. hmm, the Chelsea one is better.

That's one of the Shinkansen trains we take!

Toys galore!!
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Nara Deer Park

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Kieran loved the deers there! And they loved him too and tended to follow us around!

Day 5 (6 Jun): Himeiji Castle

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Day 4 (5 Jun): Osaka

Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan). Really wonderful place. They boast of a 52m whale shark!!

Doutonbori Street. Just outside our hotel. Loads of food and neon signs!!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 3 (4 Jun): Sony Building & Honda showroom

This was taken near the Sony building. Spy looked so adorable sitting there!! btw, he can say "flower"!!
Waiting for the Sony showroom to open.

We got to sit in the S2000 at the Honda showroom!! hehe..

Day 3 (4 Jun): Tsujiki Fish Market

We wanted to wake up really early and go experience the auctions. But Kieran (maybe it was Daddy.. hehe..) hit the alarm button, we think, and the alarm didn't go off. So we reached the market at about 8+ i think. Missed the auctions, but saw the fishmongers cutting and packaging the fish for sale to restaurants and all. It was a crazy place with loads of gasoline tractors racing around, delivering the fish. I think we were in the way of the fish sellers that day. They must be thinking, "stupid tourists" haha.. We also had fresh sushi and sashimi just outside the market. Woohoo.. the salmon belly... woohoo!!!

Day 2 (3 Jun): Asakusa Sensoji Temple

Pretty but expensive sweets!! Can see and drool only..

Asakusa Sensoji Temple. Loads of people.

That's the way the Japanese worship and ask for blessings.

And this is our little Kieran!!

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Day 2 (3 Jun): Harajuku & Akihabara

Went to Harajuku to look at all the so-called "funny" dressing. I am just amazed by the efforts that they put into dressing themselves up!!! The entire street was filled with teenagers. Anyway, the crepe tasted really quite good!! Quite an experience for us, to see the "in" fashion of the Japanese.

Our Sim Lim can't fight this! Prices of stuff are really good and there are really LOADS of electronics!! Also, there are lots of teenagers dressed up cosplay style! The entire street was closed that day and you could just walk up and down the street.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 1 (2 Jun) : Narita, Tokyo

We landed on the tarmac again. It seems that we keep doing that on our past few trips into Narita airport. We always had to take the bus into the terminal itself. Even though we landed early, we reached the inside of the airport at about the expected time after waiting for the stroller and the bus. After so many trips into Narita Airport, we finally exit the airport to enter Japan itself. Haha.. the last few times to USA, we could only walk around the section of the airport where we waited for our transfer.

Our 1st night in Tokyo. we met up with Si and Vivian. Had ramen for dinner at this place in Shinjuku. Even Kieran had a taste when he woke up!
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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We are in Japan!

haven't been able to sit down and blog since we arrived in Japan. After 2 days in Tokyo, we are now in Osaka. The trip here was really eventful! Ha.. had to transfer many trains to get here cos we wanted to go down to the Premium outlet at Gotemba to do some shopping. And because of that, we had to transfer a number of trains to get to Osaka. The crazy part was that we had to rush for the Shinkansen, we almost missed it! If we were to miss that train, we would reach Osaka only the next day. It was peak hour at the station where we had to switch trains. If not for kind lady who led us all the way to the Shinkansen line, we really would have missed it. We were RUNNING for the train. Hubb was lugging the 3 bags (luggage, backpack and shopping) and I was carrying Kieran and the stroller and both of us had to run up a whole flight of stairs to get to the train!! By the way, EVERYWHERE in Tokyo (and probably Osaka now) have stairs. It's really crazy carrying the stroller up and down the subway.. phew..

We will be going to the Osaka aquarium today. More updates later!
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