Saturday, May 21, 2011

Potty training.. not..

Just like that. Kiefer has decided that he doesn't really need diapers anymore!

About a month or so ago, we've been getting him to go diaperless once in a while just so he knows how good it feels without the wet and heavy diaper. He will usually not want to and sometimes makes a fuss. Me, being the lazy fella who doesn't feel that the stress associated with potty training is worth the trouble, decided a long time ago to just let things be. [Kieran was like this too. It was frustrating to try to potty train him. But once he's decided, he went off diapers in the day in about a month or less and soon after that (maybe another month), he was also off his night diapers.] Fast forward one month, now he usually will not want to wear his diaper in the day anymore. We've been going diaperless in the afternoons at home for about 3-4 days already. He only puts on his diaper pants when he attends school or when we know we will be out a long time. He's even managed to wake up from an afternoon nap with a dry diaper!

Yesterday, we were out for 3 hours, he asked to go toilet 2x and then wet his pants 10min after we came back home. On the whole, I thought that was a really good start. I do realise that he isn't really confident about holding his pee as he ask to go toilet quite a lot when he is diaperless. And each time at the toilet, he doesn't really have a large volume of pee. But it just means that he understands the need to pee sensation! :)

Today, he's decided to go back on the diaper, I guess cos he's a little grouchy, after hurting his knee when he fell on a really gritty carpark today. However, I'm sure I'll have loads of diapers to give away soon.
At Polliwogs today with an injured knee.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kieran turns 5!

My firstborn is 5!! Gosh! Just like that! He's 5 already!! He is now a very assertive (also read: demanding) little boy.

He is a sensitive little boy these days, often getting upset when things do not get his way. I'm hoping that this would be just a phase that he goes through. It can be really frustrating to handle his whining and pouty face each time he is unhappy with something. His classic pose is always hands crossed and a pout on the face. I sometimes feel really bad reprimanding him or even smacking him when he does that. However, I really hope that he learns to manage his emotions as he grows older, or else he will have a hard time dealing with people in future.

On a better note, he is really getting very good with his drawing and painting. His favourite object to draw is always the aeroplane. He does have different variations to his aeroplanes. He sometimes also draws scenes of movies that he sees. He can draw scenes from Starwars and Independent Day quite well (as in one can tell what he is drawing). He also has a really good sense of music. We often find him singing tunes or even songs of shows that he's only watched once or twice!

Anyway, here are some photos of his Up, up and away, Beluga Aeroplane birthday party.

I've refused to have toy guns in the house and thus the boys often improvise their toys. He loves it when he has cousins over cos it would mean that he can play shooting more without mummy yelling at him. In his imaginary play, he is a soldier (the only bad thing? He went after his little brother!! :()

When they are not fighting, they really are good brothers!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our firstborn turns 5 today!!

Gosh! How time flies!!

One of those things Kiefer says!

This happened just 5 minutes ago.
Kiefer: Daddy, somebody drew on the iPad.
Daddy: is it you?
Kiefer: no, it's not me. it's *awkward pause* somebody.
Daddy: I think I know that somebody.
Kiefer: no it's not me. it's somebody who made it dirty. 
And I was just sitting on the other end, trying to control my giggles!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kiefer's 3rd Birthday!

As May Day fell on a Sunday, we had a nice weekend to make a run to Melaka! :P We left on the Friday afternoon and stayed on at Melaka till Sunday when we drove back to Kiefer's BBQ party at home.

We arrived at Hotel Equatorial at about 330pm in the afternoon, checked in, took a short break and off we went to the pool.

Even though we've been to Melaka so many times, we tend to go to familiar places. However this time around, we actually found a little spot that we haven't been before. Well, we actually found it because I had to go toilet as usual.

This copper/ bronze elephant was located at the police station at Jonker street. There was also a bull and a dragon there. The boys had fun running at the open space and around the statues.

We also went into the maritime museum (Ex-KD Sri Terengganu Warship) located near Jonker. We've always driven past it, thinking that it was only a ship structure. We only went into one of them only. It was a hot day and thus we thought we'll leave the Replica Flor de la Mar for another time.

We stayed in the same premier room as we did the last time around. And just as the last time, they jumped around on the day bed and played with the curtains. However, I think due to the weakened immune system of the boys (they had a viral infection earlier in the week) Kieran broke out in a serious case of hives. It was really quite scary to see as he had huge red patches all over his face, arms and body.

 After a dose of Zyrtec and a nap, most of the redness subsided by evening. We even managed to to make our way to the Portuguese settlement for dinner. 
We had a mini celebration for the boys in the hotel room with a slice of chocolate fudge cake. :)

We made it back in time for Kiefer's Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you hear? party!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frenulum Laceration

Kieran hit his mouth last night when we were having dinner. I didn't think it was too big a deal as he didn't cry or anything. I just said opps, and he said oops, and that was it. It was only when we got home, and we were having a yelling match over the milk (yes, the drink from the cup battle again) that he complained that his mouth hurt. I remembered that he knocked his mouth and so I took a look, thinking that he may have cut his lip. Well, he did cut something. It was not his lip but the frenulum. That's the little bit of flesh that connects the lip to the gums. It looked as though someone took a pair of scissors and took a snip!! It actually looked quite scary. I was worried what if it doesn't heal back. Anyway, I called up our trusty family doctor and he said that it'll heal on its own in about a week or so. Well, just for the information of anyone who wants an idea of how a lacerated frenulum looks like, here's a link. I'll just have to check on his mouth everyday and brush his teeth for him, just so that he doesn't injure it further.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Our baby turns 3!

Happy Birthday my little May day babes!!
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