Saturday, April 21, 2012

No, it's a baby t-rex, Kief!!

Kieran has seem to have mastered the art of bluffing convincing his brother about things. This conversation happened at Bricks Empire yesterday when we were trying to get Kiefer to choose a Lego set as his birthday present. He couldn't really find anything he liked and we were trying to pick out interesting sets but he just wasn't interested in them.

We tried to convince him to take the dinosaur Lego
Daddy: Look Kief, this one is nice. Look there's a dinosaur and a gun. Gor Gor (Kieran) says it's not a velociraptor. (Kiefer doesn't like raptors)
Kieran: Yes, Kiefer. Look at it. This is not a velociraptor. Look.
Kiefer: *shakes head*
Kieran: What dinosaur do you like Kief?
Kiefer: T-rex
Kieran: Look Kief, this is a baby T-rex. It's not a velociraptor!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birthday month is approaching again!

Yup, May is really fast approaching!! And I can't believe that my boys are growing up so quickly! Kieran will be 6 this year!! And he'll be off to primary 1 next year already!! Words can't explain the bittersweet emotions that run through me as I see them growing up so quickly.

Having said that, I keep thinking that Kiefer's turning 5 this year! :P Well, he certainly doesn't behave like a 4 year old. He talks older, and he behaves older. And he is such a loveable rascal!!

Gotta hug and kiss them more before they stop letting me do that!
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