Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wassup wassup?

According to my ticker, I'm at 37 weeks 5 days. That was when Kieran came along!! According to Dr Lim I'm 1 day short. hmm.. but Kiefer seems really reluctant to come out!! No signs. No pains. No mucus. No blood. Only lotsa Braxtons and oh well, tummyache due to all the gas!!


Monday, April 28, 2008


2 more days to the same number of gestational days as Kieran. So Kiefer, are you coming out soon?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eager anticipation...

I'm at 36 weeks and 4 days. Kiefer (yes, Kiefer) is already sitting really really low. Much lower than Kieran was at the same time I think. Everyone thinks that he's going to come soon. I think so too. I am having pains in my pelvic region, pains in my thigh. Yes, I can't wait for these pains to go away, but more importantly, I can't wait for this wonderful little boy to arrive. I know that he'll be here when he is ready. I think we should be meeting him by next week tho!! :)

I think that Kieran knows the imminent arrival of his little brother. He's been asking me to bao bao him more, he'll always come and sit next to me, snuggle up to me. I am enjoying all these attention actually. Just that I feel bad sometimes cos I just can't accomodate him on my lap due to the protruding tummy. I hope he doesn't feel left out when Kiefer arrives. My first concern is Kieran still. He is such a sensitive boy. I've been telling him everyday that I love him and will love him even more when didi arrives cos I know that he'll be such a great big brother.

Hubby is the other concern. He's relegated to half sleeping on the cot, half on the bed. Ha. Kieran wriggles so much at night and is so hyper at night that it is difficult to get him to go to bed. Somehow, he is rather mischievous towards his Daddy as well. Maybe he thinks that he'd better start getting Daddy's attention before another one comes along and competes with him! Anyway, Daddy's gonna be the one with all the sleepless nights and yet have to go to school in the morning. Poor Baby.

The house is clean, though messy. Kieran's old baby clothes are washed (at least enough for the first few days), the baby car seat is installed. Now we just have to figure out sleeping arrangements. We are worried that Kieran's gonna jump on the baby as the cot is currently his playground! I guess we'll have to take one day at a time!

The hospital bag is already in the car. I am hoping we'll admit in the day like the last time. I don't wish to spend the night away from my little baby... and this time, again, no epidurals for me, and hopefully no drip?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

What's different this time around?

  1. I've not had anything come out through my mouth, even with the nausea and misery at the beginning.
  2. I don't have any of that dark pigmentation at the back of my thighs even at 34 weeks now.
  3. My nose seem to be still of regular size! It became bulbous towards the end the last time.
  4. Baby's REALLY active. He is always turning and poking ALL the time. He doesn't seem to have a regular sleeping time.
  5. Baby's making me want to pee A LOT. This last trimester is bad. I keep wanting to go toilet only to pee that little bit of pee!! Almost like UTI!

I'm at about 34 weeks now. Kinda can't wait for our little boy to arrive. I've washed some clothes, the car seat etc. Other than that we don't seem to have prepared anything else. Actually, thinking about going into labour again is kinda scary and exciting at the same time. Ok, I'm not looking forward to the drip and the anaesthesia (for the epi) but yeah, can't wait for my little baby to arrive (and there goes the "can-sleep-through-the-night" for another year at least!)/

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