Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a week(s)!

Everything started with Kieran being a little sick, then me coming down with a bad case of cough and cold and losing my voice and then Hubby with the hearing problem. Then Kiefer got a viral infection somehow last weekend and had high fever all through the weekend. The fever only abated after about 3 days and right now, he is still recovering from the post-viral rash! (and yes, hopefully everything subsides by tomorrow! It's our little baby's 1st birthday tomorrow!! :D) We simply went through cycles of being sick, recovering partially and falling ill again. :(

However, the most 'memorable' incident to happen this week would really be the one where Kieran puked right onto Daddy's face! I think he was nursing a mild flu bug (that was barely noticeable except for the lousy appetite) at that time. He was just finishing up his milk when he suddenly complained that he had a tummyache. As I was trying to get Kiefer to sleep at that time, I called for the Daddy to come in to take him to the toilet. The Daddy carried him and without any warning, from the corner of my eye, I saw this projectile spray coming out from Kieran and onto Daddy's face!! The next thing I saw was Daddy's face (nose, mouth, everything), shirt was covered with puke. The sheets got it, the floor had it, the comforter was also marked. In the end, both father and son simply marched off to the bathroom and hosed down. And me? I had to strip everything and start the laundry going at 10pm at night! It took 3 loads of laundry to get everything cleaned! Also, I had to mop the floor too! After this entire episode, all Kieran said was "Mummy, Yakult please?" :P

PS: it was such a Kodak moment, but if I were to go get the camera instead of attending to them, I was sure to get an earful!! :P

Friday, April 17, 2009

hate these bugs..

We just can't seem to shake off this virus/bacteria/mycoplasma thingy that is plaguing us. I lost my voice about 2 weeks ago and never really got it back. Now I am down with a runny nose and sore eyes again. Going to see a doctor later and just stay home.

Hubby also has some hearing problems that the ENT doctors do not know what it is. He is on loads of meds to tackle possible viral infection or hydrops (which is what we are hoping). He's gone for a CT scan and thank god everything came back fine. The meds are working but really slowly. The pressure in the ear comes and goes and he is still having tinnitus. We just hope that everything goes away.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Kiefer is 11 months old!

That's the funny face that he does now when the camera is pointed in his face. Haha.. he looks like he is in agony or something. But trust me, he IS smiling. :P

  • definitely cruising
  • stands up with support very well, in fact, he requires minimal support when standing. sometimes he simply needs to 'touch' something to stand up
  • hearty eater. can finish an entire rice bowl of porridge with meat/fish/tofu + 2 cubes of vegetables
  • has 1 bottle of formula (enfagrow) on most days
  • crawls quickly (esp where there is food or remote control)
  • very vocal. will yell/whine for what he wants. try being feeding him too slowly, he'll yell to be fed
  • does hello, big kiss, clap hands, shake hands, smack (when naughty), blows raspberry bubbles,  pray (puts his hands together), points at things
  • still puts everything into his mouth
  • has some idea of object permanence. he knows that the remote control is hidden away and not simply disappeared. will sometimes look under the pillows for the remotes.
  • loves his pacifier very much still. we don't usually bring it out with us, but once we get home and he sees it, he'll put it into his mouth. he's not obsessively sucking it when awake, but when sleeping, it sometimes doesn't fall out of his mouth for the entire night
  • He still gets awful mozzie bites that swell and blisters. Hopefully he outgrows that. His legs are quite ugly with all the mozzie scars. Each time he gets bitten, the bites swell and when they subside, they leave behind a darker patch (like a blue-black bruise). :(

naughty vs happy?

When Kieran is asked if he is naughty, he'll sometimes go "not naughty, happy!" He seems to think that 'happy ' is the opposite of 'naughty'. Wonder where he got that. Anyway, he is really getting quite naughty these days. He'll always take toys/books/things away from Kiefer, even though he is not interested in playing with them. He says that it's 'sharing' but in actual fact, his 'share' means he gets to hold the item. Very often, he also tries to carry Kiefer or attempts to stop him from holding on to drawer handles/ tables for support (when Fer tries to stand up). I don't know if he is doing so cos he feels that Kiefer will fall or he is just being naughty. Whatever the case is, it usually results in Kiefer falling down. :( Goodwill aside, there ARE incidences where he would purposely bully Kiefer. Just an hour ago, he waited for Kiefer to put his fingers near the drawers and then tried to close the drawers on Kiefer's fingers. That happened even tho Daddy told him not to do that. :( I think he is really trying to get attention but that is just so wrong. We really have to find a way to manage that!! I think we have to stop yelling at him/ smacking him cos he imitates our behaviour. He smacks Kiefer and yells at him cos we do that. :P However, sometimes that's our first reaction cos we are not near enough and we yell to get their attention. Gotta reflect on that.

Some great updates tho'. Kieran's language is improving again. He uses phrases like "it's not yours, it's mine!" (yes, when it comes to things that he wants) and he can express quite a lot nowadays. He is able to tell you what he wants (or doesn't want). Now we don't have to second guess him as often as we used to. Language-wise, he really has come a very long way. He now just has to improve on his bad behaviour!!

Well, we think we are entering the TERRIBLE THREES!
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