Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daily happenings..

We have just a little more time on our hands these days, and so, what have the kids been up to?

The boys started swimming classes about a month ago. They have since gained much water confidence and can now paddle by themselves while clutching onto their swim noodles. After just a month or so of lessons, the 2 of them are as brown as toast now.

Kieran started Chinese class at Tien Hsia this term. After just 7 lessons (#8 was a review session, #9 was a mini recital), he now recognises some 28+ characters and can recite about 6 poems in Mandarin. In fact he attempts to speak in Mandarin more these days. He will point out different vegetables/ fruits in the supermarket and say their names in Chinese. An amazing achievement for someone who once didn't utter a single word in Mandarin!

Both the boys had their end-of-year concert at their kindy last week. Kieran was performing a song called "Barnyard Animals Worship" and he was great as a little brown dog! The song opened with him shaking his little butt, and I thought that it was really cute. He actually warned us prior to the concert that we were not to laugh at his wriggling butt!

This was Kiefer's first concert and we were so proud of him. He was singing and dancing to his song "This little light of mine" and we could see how much focus he put in to get everything right. I thought he was the cutest little kid on stage. When he first came onto the stage, he started looking around for us. We could see his usual look of annoyance (the "why-you-never-let-me-xxx" look) when he could not find us. He was quite a blur bloke actually. We were waving and waving at him but he just didn't see us. Finally, at the end of the segment, as they were getting off the stage, I yelled "Kiefer!". He heard it, spotted us and yelled a really loud "MUMMY!". He was so adorable that the audience started laughing too! We saw his entire face light up when he spotted us. That's my little rascal!

Chicken Robot (by Kieran)
Eye (by Kiefer)
AT-AT (by Kieran)

We've finally taken their box of Duplos out of storage and they've been building and building and building the last couple of days. 

Really looking forward to the holidays really starting. Things haven't been slowing down in school for the 2 of us. So we are really looking forward to the break!
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