Saturday, August 30, 2008


I am grateful each day for my loads of unfolded laundry because it means that we have lots of clothes for our backs.
I am grateful each day for my untidy house because it means that I have a roof over my head.
I am grateful each day for all the noise in my house because it means that I have a loving home with 2 wonderful boys who needs me.
I am grateful for a husband who comes home tired because it means that he has a job and is working hard to provide for us.
I thank God for all the things that He has given me to be grateful for.

Kiefer loves ele!

This is a little deja vu-ish.. 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

It was Les' birthday yesterday. We've kinda started celebrating since the beginning of last week, with good meals, purchases etc etc. Alright, we just needed an excuse to make expensive purchases, ha. 

Anyway, we celebrated his birthday with a yummy chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate. Throughout the entire week, I've been teaching Kieran to sing "Happy Birthday to Daddy" and also to blow out candles, and so he got to help his daddy do that on Sunday!

We made a little card for Daddy and the boys helped by putting their finger/toe prints to sign little hearts for him!!

Happy Birthday Darling!! We love you!!


It started as something silly to get Kieran away from my scrapbooking stuff. I had some strips of paper leftover from cropping the photos and so I thought I'll make a fish for him to play with.
Then I decided to make another so that Kiefer could have 1 too!

Then it became many because I couldn't sleep that night and woke up to scrap a little more and decided to make a starfish, a turtle and some more fishes for Kieran to play with the next day.

Then we decided to make a fish tank for all of them to live in. (Ok, that was the only box that I could find in the quickest time possible...) That was Kieran pointing to his turtle!!

Sadly, the tank was destroyed by the end of the day because he decided to bring it out to dinner and shopping with him. 

So, we did another today!! :D

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Having fun with the boys.

My days have fallen into some kind of routine (which is good for the boys). Kiefer wakes up at about 9ish usually for his milk and then Kieran will wake up closer to 10am. Thus I usually get up a little earlier and that's when I get to surf the internet a little, then try to get some stuff ready for lunch. Lunch time is usually jam-packed for me. I either feed Kieran his lunch then feed Kiefer or sometimes when the timing is right, I'll get to feed Kiefer and then Kieran. After which both the boys usually settle down for their afternoon nap. 

Kieran nowadays can sleep for a stretch of 1-2hours. Maybe this is due to Kiefer sleeping next t0 him. Kieran has always needed someone to sleep with him, if not he'll wake up after a max of about 1hr. So this 1-2hr break in the afternoon is really precious to me. I'll either get back online, do some digital scrapping, some regular scrapping or if I am tired, I'll just nap with the boys.  I don't usually do housework with this time.. haha.. it's too precious to be wasted like that. Laundry is done usually in the morning before the boys wake or evenings when Les is home. Same goes with vacuuming the floor. Having said that, I think my vacuum cleaner's busted! :(

Yesterday, Kieran woke up and the first thing he said was "pain pain" and he pointed to his lip.
Today he pointed to this photo me les, me and josh and said, air-crem. At first I thought he was saying "aeroplane" but there was no aeroplane in the photo, the I realised he said "ice-cream" that's another new 2-syllable word that he can manage now. Then just now, as he was throwing a tantrum, he said "outside" and "inside" with the correct usage of both the words!! Usually he uses the same words for both the opposite meanings, like "open" (which he pronounces as "a-pen") for unbuckling his seat belt as well as to buckle, to open doors as well as to close doors.

Anyway, here's something silly about buckling and unbuckling seat belts. As Kieran is really small, most of his pants cannot fit well at the waist. So I bought him a belt to tighten things up. The other day, we went to a restaurant where the high-chairs didn't come with seat belts. Usually we belt him down so that he will not stand up in the chair when he fusses. That day, there was no belt and at the end of the meal, he whined for us to "open, open" and he tried standing up but he couldn't. He flipped his shirt up (usually the seat belt buckles get covered by his shirt at the end of a meal), held on to his belt's buckle and asked us to open. Hahah, he thought that that buckle for the seat belt's buckle!! And psychologically, he just couldn't stand up!! HAHAHA.. so after the episode, whenever we go to a place where the high chairs have no belts, we'll still belt him up with an imaginary belt whenever his has his own waist belt on!! 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Brothers!!

Kieran is starting to love his little brother. We hope that as Kiefer grows up, he'll also learn to love his big Kor Kor as well.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Milk intake (Kieran's)

Just wanted to record how much milk Kieran is drinking as a reference for Kiefer. For the last 1 year this was Kieran's drinking schedule:

6-7am - 110ml
about 9-11am (depending on the time he wakes up) - 180ml
Afternoon (between 2-4pm) - 180ml
Evening (about 8-9pm) - 180ml
Sleep at (ahem.. whatever time we sleep, usually 10ish)

For the record, Kieran had 4 accidents in the span of 1 hr last night. He was fooling around on the bed and put his blanket over his head and walked right off the bed!! Fortunately he landed on his side before his head hit the floor. It was more of a big fright for him than the ouchie on his head. It was scary to just see him walk right off the bed and we couldn't even catch him in time.  *Actually I wonder about life, what if we don't catch him in time, what if in life we didn't catch him and he ends up in a huge ouchie??*  After he recovered from that episode, he started tossing in the clean laundry on the floor and then he slipped and knocked his head. Strike #2. This time, it was fortunate that he was on the floor already, so he didn't really hit hard. Then, he was still gung ho, started to play inside the shallow laundry basket doing his boat rowing. Usually he sat inside and just rowed, but last night, he tried leaning onto the side, the basket tipped over and he nearly knocked the TV drawers, strike #3 and a load of crying and yelling cos he was frightened. And one would think that Strike #3 is the last, he had to have a 4th accident and this was really the ouchie and scary one. Again he went into the basket, leaned forwards and this time, he wasn't near enough to the cupboard to stop the basket from toppling over entirely and he fell right on his face on the floor. Started yelling again. Initially we thought there was nothing. Daddy picked him up went to the bathroom to clean his tears and noticed that his mouth was full of blood!! I got a towel and ice to stop the bleeding and tried to ice the spot. I thought that he had cut his lips but soon realised that there was no cut, and he wouldn't open his mouth for me. After crying for quite awhile, he allowed me to dap the cold cloth on his mouth and I saw that his lips were bruised and I think he was bleeding from his gums (front tooth). I can't get to the tooth and so until now, I don't know if the tooth is shaky. Anyway, I thought he was going to have trouble eating and drinking today, but surprisingly, he could drink water from a cup, took his milk and lunch with no problems today. And his lips were still a little swollen!! So #1, I think his teeth is fine. #2: children just have amazing powers of recovery. If i bruised my lips that way, I couldn't have eaten for the next few days!! #3: Kids just "bei zhai si"!! they just go at it again and again.. *4 accidents???!!! woah...* I don't want to experience it again!!

Kieran goes "whee!!"

Brought K&K to the new Sengkang Swimming Complex in the morning. For the price of $2, I think it's quite a lot of fun! Haven't been to an SSC swimming pool for a long time already and I'm pleasantly surprised by how nice they look now. Kieran had fun at the outdoor kid's pool and he eve went down the slide twice!! Of course, Daddy had to kind of push him off! Kiefer just had his fun dipping his butt into the water. After a while, he just fell asleep, in his swim suit, while still in the water!! Poor baby! Borrowed the photo below from This is how the children's pool looked like. Slides and water guns and water sprays everywhere! The only setback was that it is a public pool and there's just loads of people on a Saturday. Then again, for $2, it was a cheap, good, clean fun! We'll probably bring the boys there again, but this time on a weekday afternoon or something.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dinner with the Laus

The Laus have returned to the USA again, I guess it'll be next year before we see them again (*means: we are probably not going this year.. :( ) Had dinner on on Monday night at The Rice Table before they left. 

Monday, August 04, 2008

Kiefer is 3 mths old!!

Kiefer is just growing so quickly!! I can tell by the frequency that I cut his little nails! I have to cut them almost everyday and still, I find little bits of scratches everywhere on him!

He is growing to be a little individual! He coos and gurgles all the time and loves having people talk to him. Still a sleepyhead sometimes, he gets so comfortable in his carseat that he can sleep through noisy dinners! And yes, he has officially slept through the night! His first stretch of sleep is about 6hrs. So he'll sleep at about 10, and waking up at about 4am (sometimes he sleeps all the way till 5ish-6!!) for his first feed. He usually stirs again at about 6am for his next feed, but sometimes he wakes just wanting to be comforted and that's when I shove the pacifier into his mouth and he falls back right asleep till about 9ish!! Good boy!
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