Sunday, September 27, 2009

What should they be saying now?

Realised that Kieran couldn't do the 'L' sound and thus I was prompted to go look up the sounds that he should be making by a certain age. Got this chart at It shows the average age at which children articulates certains sounds. I'm glad to know that Kieran is on track! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

No wake up! No sleeping!

We all slept late last night and thus Kieran was rather grouchy in the morning. He stirred a little and starting whinning, so I asked him to wake up (cos he tended to kick and cry when he is unhappy in the morning). And here's the rest of the conversation:

K: I want nai nai (milk)
M: No nai nai. Hungry then wake up I'll give you cookie.
K: No wake up!
M: Then go back to sleep!
K: No sleeping!
M: Then wake up.
K: No wake up! No sleeping!!
M: :P

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We went Melaka to swim again!!

Kieran always associates Melaka with swimming, cos that's we we do all the time while we are there!! We went back there for the last couple of days as we just wanted to get out of Sg for awhile and since there was really not anywhere we could go, we decided to go back to Melaka. We've always liked this little town and it's a great short drive, not too long a road trip for the kids. Kieran thinks that the hotel that we stayed at is Melaka. And every time we leave the hotel, he'll ask," why we leaving Melaka?" :P Since we've been staying at Hotel Equatorial the last 3 times we were there, we are now their "Repeat Stay Member"!! For that, we were presented with a pair of Hotel Equatorial slippers as a souvenir!! In the little letter that accompanied the gift, it says that we can look forward to more gifts on our 8th, 11th etc visit. :D We've been going back to Equatorial cos it's right next to the new mall and their rates are pretty reasonable. This time round however, the room that they gave us was not as big as the last. We were given a corner room on our last visit and it even had a 2 seater couch in it. But this time, only a small round coffee table and 2 arm chairs. :( Nonetheless, the kids had fun at the pool.

Sleepy heads!! These little fellas had the best seats in the car!

Lunch at Seri Nonya (Hotel Equatorial).
Otak Otak . Prawn ommelette . Ayam Pontek . Stir fried vege

Our favourite pastime in Melaka!

Tried to get Kieran to swim on his own with his "muscles" on. He still prefers to cling onto us. :(

Night market at Jonker Walk.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

More than words..

Kiefer says "sss" and nods his head for "yes"! :P And he says "ball" too!
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