Monday, August 30, 2010

Sometimes we just laugh at what the boys say..

Situation 1
#1: Where's daddy?
Me: Daddy's at work. Mummy needs to work too.
#1: then who's going to take care of the kids?!

Situation 2
#2: phlphttt..! (doing that blowing raspberry bubbles thingy)
Me: Kiefer, stop that.
#1: Kiefer, do it!
#2: phlphttt..!
Me: Fer.. stop it.
#1: Kiefer, do it (whispers)
#2: phlphttt..!
#1: Kiefer, do it (whispers again)
Me: Ge, stop that!
#2: Gege, behave!

Situation 3
#1: (cries) Kiefer crushed my paper!
Me: Kiefer, say "Sorry Gege"
#2: *no answer*
Me: Kiefer, say "Sorry Gege"
#2: sorry gege (very softly)
Me: say louder, fer
#2: Sorry Gege!!!! (Yells)
#1: Kiefer, that's not properly! Say sorry to me properly!

Monday, August 23, 2010

At home with the small fry

I came down a huge gastric flu bug this weekend and was practically lying in bed the whole of yesterday. Today l'm on sick leave with the little one at home. We were so worried that he was going to get the bug cos he threw up a couple of times yesterday and he didn't have much of an appetite. Anyway, our entire family of four was affected one way or the other. I had the bad gastric flu and everything that came with it, hubb had a massive headache and was feverish, smallon was puking and ran a slight fever, #1 was having a little bit of the runs. What a day!!

At least the small fry seems ok now. He's having fun fiddling on the iPad. As for myself, the pains still come occasionally, but nothing like yesterday, where not even the jab took the pain away completely.

Here's small fry on the iPad.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why? Why? Why Mummy?

Why is it so dark? Why (are) we going home? Why? Why? And this is coming from a 2 year (+ 3 months) old toddler!!! I thought that he is starting his whys a just little early!!!

A typical conversation goes like this:

kf: where are we going?
m: we are going to eat dinner.
kf: we are going Macdonald's
m: we are not going Macdonald's
kf: not?
m: we are not
kf: why? why not going Macdonald's?
m: :P

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The hungry hungry caterpillar!

We bought four caterpillars for the boys last week so that they can learn a little about the life cycle of the butterflies. Bought them from Oh Chin Huat Hydroponics Farm for $3 a set. The farm had a tiny enclosure (Butterfly Lodge) where they had a fair number of different butterflies.

Anyway, the caterpillars took a couple of days to pupate and the first pupa only remained in the chrysalis for about 1 week. Our first leopard lacewing emerged yesterday and it was just beautiful!! And throughout the week, we've been reading Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. What a perfect match to their caterpillar watching!

The boys and their daddy trying to catch a photo of the butterflies in the lodge.

This is either a Mangrove or Common Tree Nymph.


 A blue spotted crow I think.

Our leopard lacewing caterpillar. The colours on the caterpillar is just beautiful. Love the vibrant red and yellow stripes. And this little fella just feeds and feeds. It's quite amusing to look at it chew off the edges of the leaves and leaving a trail behind. And these guys really poop quite a bit. See the little black ball? That's the caterpillar's poop.

Our beautiful leopard lacewing when it emerged yesterday morning. We took some photographs and videos of it and then let it go. We didn't want it to die of hunger.

This little fella lingered on the palm for the longest time before it flew away! Its wings were already long dry when we opened the container. Think it's just trying to get his GPS working!! :P
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