Tuesday, July 17, 2007

2nd attempt at cupcake making!

This time with butter cream. The frosting now stands... but it didn't taste as good as the cream cheese one..

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My first cupcake making attempt!!

Suddenly had the urge to start baking again, after I finished my last pack of Hershey's Brownie mix. And after an unsuccessful attempt at making carrot cake (which turned out to be carrot bread), I decided to try baking cupcakes.
The cupcakes turned out pretty well. But the frosting was a disaster. It was just too runny. I do not know how to save that. Also, the frosting was a little too sweet. Hubb ate the cake, he also said that the cake tasted nice. Chocolately, but not too sweet.
Hot from the oven!

The creamy cheese frosting!! I think I added too much butter so it was quite liquidy! It actually dried up a little after I left it in the fridge!

So how do they look?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Holiday's over and work's started!!

As much as I look forward to holidays, I always dread the ending. Call me a pessimist. But I can't help but feel that the holidays disappear so much faster than all the other days. (Maybe I'm just having too much fun. =P)

Our trip to Japan in June was a great getaway for the 3 of us. It was good because we were just by ourselves, out of the country, out of contact with everybody else! We could do anything and everything without anyone asking or saying anything. Also, the feeling of holiday is always the greatest. No deadlines, no chores, nothing. Just pure enjoyment. Ok, this time we had to wash milk bottles all the time. But hey, it was still great fun.

School's started already. The thing about being in a college is that the exams are always after the holidays (unlike in secondary schools, the exams are before the hols). That's means that we do not have to plunge crazily into teaching right after a long hiatus. With 1-2 weeks of exams, the gears start to go into motion. Need to get past the inertia. So this week, we are just marking and marking and marking. Still, the frightening thing is that, this term is going to fly faster than the last. Looking at our work plan, the term is already over!! Woah!! BUT, that would also mean that holidays are coming back again!! HAHAHAAHAH!!! Yes. My life revolves around the coming and going of the holidays!!

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Hmm.. more places to come? :)
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