Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Fer Fer is walking!! Woot! Woot!!

I just realised that I forgot to blog about this! Yes!! Our little one is finally walking. He stood up at walked across the hall on 16 July 2009 (it was fortunate that I updated my FB's status, thus I could still backtrack the date!!) Tho we can walk, albeit unsteadily, he still prefers crawling. I guess it gets him places faster. Ha.. still. KIEFER IS WALKING!!!! Yipee!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

of peeing and markers..

We've been trying to get Kieran to go off diapers for a while. However, the effects seem sporadic. We didn't really actively train, we took more of the "when-he-is-ready-he-will-do-it" approach. Kieran has always been very much a rather routine person. So he figures that he will only go diaperless at home and diapers to school. In the last couple of weeks, we've managed to get him to go diaperless even when we go out and usually when I bring him to the toilet every 1 hour or so, he stays dry. I don't think he really understands the need to go pee sensation yet. But I guess he is improving. It so happened that we were out at Marina Square that day and I kept asking if he needed to go to the bathroom and he kept saying no. And about 2 minutes after he said no to me, he peed on the floor in front of the counter at Sakae Sushi. :( We had to clean up the mess and I had forgotten to take the spare pair of shorts out from the car. Thus he had to change into diaper pants and since no shorts, he had to wear my long Cotton On cardi!! He was really embarassed about it (which was great!) but at the same time, he thought it was funny to wear a long shirt. He kept wanting to pull it down and button everything cos if not "everyone will see" :P

The story's not finished! The next day, we went out to IMM and again the same thing happened. I kept asking if he needed to go toilet and he kept saying no. And 2 minutes after I last asked, he peed on the floor again. This time, to teach him the lesson, we refused to change him out of his wet shorts and briefs. He was whining and crying about his "wet wet shorts" and how "people will see". Though I brought him to the toilet to try to pee again (immediately after he peed on the floor), but there was nothing already. We walked all the way back to the car in his wet shorts, him whining and crying. After which the daddy asked if he understood. He said yes and he was wrong and then we changed him. I hope this episode stays cos this little fella often learns when something big like that happens. (see lift episode: will post this one another time!) At least something good has come out of this, he wore briefs to school today!! :D

so.. what about the markers?
Kiefer sucked an entire Ikea blue marker till the tip turned white!! :( I hoped everything passed out of his system as he had a few episodes of wet stools yesterday. I googled around and yes, loads of toddler ate markers and crayons as snacks!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Growing up with the flyer

Yes, we went up on the flyer monday ('twas Youth Day!) again. Those who know us are shaking their heads again. Wassup with this family and the flyer? It's just cos we've got the annual pass and thus we are just making full use of it.

It dawned on me that day that Fer Fer kinda grew up with the flyer! When we first went up, he was just a 2 months old baby and now? He's a big toddler already! Ok, not exactly toddling yet, but soon, we hope!

Some updates:
1) FM 3x a day 150ml
2)BF 1x in the morning. (Bedtime BF weaned last saturday :( )
3) says "duc" everytime anyone (including himself) sneezes
4) eats 3 meals a day
5) sings "ah" to "how I wonder what you are"
6) has 2 teeth at the bottom, 3 on top
7) can stand for about 1-2s
8) loves water and swimming
9) yells his arrival
10)kor kor is the only one he *ALWAYS* kisses when asked to. All others? see his mood! :P

Yeah.. i think he looks a little *tooot* here. Blame it on the daddy who combed his hair that morning! :P

Makin' & Bakin'

Kieran wanted to make cookies on Monday (and only cookies..) and since I already made cupcakes earlier, I scaled the portions down to only 3 servings. I measured the ingredients and put them into the bowl and this little fella creamed the butter and sugar, folded in the flour and scooped out the batter onto the baking sheet! And the cookie turned out yummy! He ate almost all of them for his last 2 day's breakfast.

Just a note, he woke up with a slight swollen eye on saturday and it swelled to a full blown swell by sunday. With zyrtec and opticrom it has since subsided and he as gone back to school today. He's already missed school the whole of last week cos mummy's a kiasu mummy and just wanted to play safe, what with the H1N1 being around. :P

And yes, these were the cupcakes. They were a white cake base with maraschino cherries and buttercream icing.

At 外婆's house

The boys had to go 外婆's house on Friday morning while we were at work. I stayed with them till about 10am and then left for work. Both the boys had loads of fun there. I guess it was just something new for them.

Kieran had a great time with all the toys (Josh and Janelle were at school, so he had all the toys to himself!) and Fer, well, he was happy with the tissue papers!! :P

Sunday, July 05, 2009

This is how I get my marking done!

Had to stay home with the boys on thur and had marking to do, since the MYE is here. I remembered that we had a inflatable pool in the cupboard and thus decided to blow it up for them. I didn't realise that the pool was so huge! I thought it was the same size as the one we previously had (which was probably 1/3 in size only) and I nearly blacked out from blowing it up cos the electric air pump wasn't at home. Anyway, they had fun in there for about 1hr while I sat outside the bathroom door marking. I think it was quite a great way to spend the morning! The boys had fun while I got work done!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dun wanna stop...

Feeling just so reluctant and sad to eventually stop nursing Kiefer (and really soon). :( Maybe it's the thought that he'll be our last baby to nurse and that I'm not going to enjoy that feeling anymore. I'm glad that I kept at it for so long and yes, it's true, Kiefer is really quite close to me. :D And he is 14 months old today! This means that he's been breastfed just a little longer than Kieran (and i'm kinda proud of this little achievement!!) However, with the current H1N1 situation, I had intended to continue with nursing him but it seems that the supply is really running low. I am only latching him 2x a day, before bed and early in the morning. I know that he is not drinking much early in the morning anymore, and the bedtime feed, I have to supplement with about 2oz of formula even after he nurses. So I guess this is *almost* it. I still have about 2 weeks supply of EBM in the freezer, so I guess *THE* end of all breastmilk drinking will come sometime in 2-3 weeks time.

Here's his feeding schedule usually:
6am - BF
730/8am - Breakfast (cereal)
930am - EBM 120ml
12pm - Lunch
230pm - Formula 150ml
6pm - Dinner
9pm - BF + Formula (60ml)
AND... loads of sneaking food from everyone in between!!! :P
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