Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kieran's first weeks in primary school

Just wanted to record some of the more memorable incidents about Kieran's first 3 weeks in school. Hopefully, I'll scrapbook some of these so that when he looks back when he grows older, he'll too, laugh at these little things that he does.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I started this term "Kieferism" for all the funny things that Kiefer says. This little fella does say a lot of funny logic. And he usually does it with such a straight, matter-of-fact face that you'll want to break out laughing! He also gets the joke after a while and laughs along. That's my funny boy!

The term "Kieferism" started with this conversation (29 Nov) I had with him. But of cos, he already had loads of funny sayings before that.

29 Nov 2012 (This was by far the funniest. Until the one I heard today. Scroll down to read that.)

On winding the car window down to let a fly out.
K: why did u let the fly out?
M: so that it will not irritate us right?
K: u let it out so that it can irritate other people?

18 Nov 2012
Kiefer: I made the rain stop.
Daddy: what do you mean you made the rain stop?
Kiefer: I sang the song and the rain stopped. I'm good at making the rain stop.

The I realised, the sudden downpour really stopped and he really was singing "rain, rain, go away" at the window and the rained stopped just as he finished singing!

17 December 2012
Upon seeing us drink coffee.
Why are you drinking coffee? Huh? Huh? *with an exaggerated, exasperated look on his face and wild gesturing*
Only gong gong and ah ma drink coffee.
(Trying to say that we are too young to drink cos we hardly drink coffee but he sees his gong gong and ah ma drink it every morning. )

27 December 2012 (This one is a mix of Kieferism and Kieran's generosity.)
I was on the computer when I got a light tapping on my chair (he usually just squeezes himself onto my lap when I'm on the computer!)
Kiefer: *points to his daddy's table behind me*
The rest of the conversation continued in whispers.
Me: uh-oh, did you break gege's Ninjago
Kiefer: can you fix it? can you fix it please?
Me: are you scared that gege is going to scold you again? (cos he always breaks what Kieran builds and Kieran complains that it is "wasting a lot of his energy".)
Kiefer: yes. can you build it pls?
Me: you go tell gege yourself and say sorry and ask gege to build it again.
Kiefer: you do it for me.

end of story: Kieran found out while we were whispering and true enough, started yelling at his brother. But then again, after I told him how scared his brother is (of breaking his Ninjago) he actually felt guilty for yelling at Kiefer and asked Kiefer to bring it over for him to rebuild. :)

31 December 2012 (2nd time breaking Kieran's toys)
On broken Kre-Os (Kre-Os break quite easily):
Kiefer: Mummy, can you fix for me?
Me: go ask gege
Kiefer: He will scold me again! He ALWAYS scolds me! (whinning)

*packed everything into a plastic container for him to bring downstairs to Kieran*

From upstairs, this is what I heard:
Kieran: Aiya, you broke it again?!!
Kiefer: Accidentally, i accidentally!
Kieran: again!
Kiefer: Accidentally!


14 January 2013
Kiefer: what's that sh-ume on your eye?
M: what's a sh-ume?
Kiefer: there! *takes a photo of my eye on my phone and ten points to the "sh-ume".
He was referring to my eyeliner.

21 January 2013
Kiefer keeps making me carry him around (ie carry him off the bed, sofa etc).
M: u keep making me carry u, next time when u have children, u'll definitely have to carry them all the time.
K: I can get my wife to carry them!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bali (9 - 13 December 2012)

This is a back-post on our Bali trip in December.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy 2013!

We are still kind of settling into the swing of things. A whole new chapter of our lives has started, our usual routine is changed, as Kieran enters into his formal education years.

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