Thursday, December 30, 2010

'tis the season of NOs!

#2 is at THE stage now. The stage where his answers to everything is a resounding "No!" :(
Although he loves to accompany gege to school in the mornings, he's been saying no to going school these few days. He will be starting Nursery 1 next Wednesday, I hope he starts on a good note, with no crying! *crossing my fingers!*

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hong Kong 2010

This year seemed to be a long year. We've worked really hard and we thought we'd deserve a good break. As we did not really make plans to go anywhere (tho' there were some talks of doing a road trip to Penange, which didn't materialise), hubby looked around for somewhere to go and chanced upon a great deal on Jetstar Asia. And thus, a late booking and off we went to Hong Kong!

The last time we went to Hong Kong was in 2008, and it was only a short 2 day transit on the way back to Singapore from Shanghai. On that trip, we didn't do much, except for some shopping and eating. 5 days (12-16 December) in Hong Kong this time around meant that we could do some sight-seeing.

We arrived in Hong Kong at about lunch time. After dropping the luggage off at the hotel, we set out to look for food. The first meal we ate had to be at Cafe de Coral. That's like Hubb's favourite place in HK. He simply loves the Pork Chop Baked Rice.

The boys had loads of fun taking the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour almost everyday. It was definitely a cheap and good fun. They enjoyed the breeze and looking at other ships out at sea.

This time around, we did some touristy stuff like going on the cable car ride at Ngong Ping 360 and also took The Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak.

On our cable car ride across to Lantau Island, we met with a fog and it was so misty and foggy that the cable had to stop moving for about 5 minutes! We were left dangling on the cable. It actually felt a little scary initially, but when we looked down, we realised that we were actually very near the ground as we were just above the slopes of the mountain! :P

Super misty halfway across to Lantau island
View from the cable car

The boys enjoying their cable car ride.

 And we definitely had to visit Disneyland Hong Kong this time around. In 2008, we brought the boys to the entrance, took some photos and we left! :P This time around, we spent a fantastic one day in the park. The park is rather small and most of their rides are really for small kiddos like them. It is suitable for the boys, for older children (like ourselves!!), there was really nothing much for us there.
Look! We've got Donald with us!!
The favourite Disney character for the day has to be Buzz Lightyear. They enjoyed Astroblasters immensely and went up on it umpteen times! They also took photos with Buzz whenever the opportunity arises.

Last but not least, some photos of the yummy food in HK:

Roast duck @ Fuk Yuen (Mongkok)
Tau Huay (竹筒豆花) in a barrel at the dimsum place near the hotel
Super yummy spring rolls at the same dim sum place
Did I mention we flew Jetstar? It seems that at the Hong Kong Airport, Jetstar does not have a walkway for passengers to embark and disembark. We arrived in Hong Kong and disembarked on the tarmac, we left Hong Kong the same way! However, the day we left, the temperature was a freezing 8 degrees celsius! The wind was blowing and it was really, really cold! It took some time for everyone to walk up the steps into the plane, so much so that Kieran actually had the chance to pop into the cockpit for a chat with the pilots! However, I must say that the service on Jetstar is really pretty good. Very friendly and helpful flight attendants. It's just that the plane itself is rather old and doesn't seem to be cleaned well (you see crumbs when you lift up the hand rests) and the toilet really smells. The seats were really quite cramp too. My knees almost touched the seats in front of me and I am not really very tall. Maybe it's just the planes for the Asia are smaller? We were not allowed to bring food up the plane, but they didn't really check as the boys brought 1 pack of cereal each in their backpacks. I think they are quite ok with children's snacks. Even then, the food on the plane is not too expensive either. I saw on the menu that a portion of chicken rice was about $8, although it is not standard-sized portion but it's pretty decent. I think it is fine to fly budget on a short 3-4 hour flight, but I really wonder how it will be on their new 11 hour flight to NZ??!!

Look at my crazy wind-blown hair!
As usual, our seasoned frequent flyers are just so comfortable in the plane! The small one knocked out and was asleep a little while after take-off! :D
Watching Jaws on the iPad
Munching on his snacks
It was almost 1am by the time we touched down at Changi Airport and collected our bags. The boys missed their toys so much that they immediately started playing with their toys when the got through the door! They were energised by the nap they took on the plane itself! It's the poor mum and dad that are darn tired! :P The next morning, we literally left the boys to their own devices while we slept in for another 2 hours or so!! :P Still, we look forward to our next trip out of Singapore!! :P

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Been busy and haven't been blogging at all. And here's a belated Merry Christmas to everyone! Will be back to blog about our Hong Kong trip and Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meeikito bite

Me: Fer, look at mummy's leg. What's that? (pointing to a red bump on my knee)
Kiefer: a meekito bite?


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mum's 60th (59th) Birthday!

We just celebrated Mum's 60th birthday on Monday night at Yan Palace. Well, according to her year of birth, it is supposed to be her 59th, but according to some Chinese tradition, we had to celebrate her 60th a year earlier!!

Anyway, we all had a really fun time eating and singing. And I'm sure Mum was really happy that night too because she had some of her good friends celebrating with her. For many years, I've always missed her birthday because I will definitely be out of the country on my holidays. So this year, we made it a point to stay in Singapore for her birthday.

The cake was from Pine Garden. I thought to try a new flavour "Apple Martini" that they had. Well, the kids weren't crazy about it. However, I love the prettiness of the cake. :P 

Today is her birthday itself. Happy Birthday Mum! Hope you like the flowers. :)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Haha.. Kiefer can say "HIPPOPOTAMUS"! I don't know when he started being able to do that, but it was rather cute when he said it this morning when we were reading a book on animals!

Just to record, yesterday, at the zoo, he saw a peahen and he said," Hello peahen, what you doing here? " in his little childish voice!! :)
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