Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kiefer's favourite activity

He is happiest with a pair of scissors in his hands. He can be standing/sitting there snipping and cutting paper into little bits and pieces for the longest time. He cuts them into little shapes and he especially loves triangles. Funny little boy. :D

Weekend fun

Being so busy on weekdays, we try to bring the boys out on weekends to have some family fun. And as far as possible, we try to go for outdoor, free fun! :P So where have we been to in the last couple of weeks?

Lor Halus Wetlands
The park connector at Punggol Promenade is finally open and the park itself is a nice place to go and have an evening walk. It faces Sungei Serangoon and seriously, the view there is really quite amazing. At the end of the park is a bridge that connects Punggol Promenade to the Lor Halus Wetlands. The wetlands is not completely done up yet, but it is already open. It is a pretty nice place to visit as it is different from the usual parks. Lor Halus used to be a landfill and now they have developed it into a wetland. We are supposedly able to see various bird species there, though we saw none when we were there that day. However, the boys had a great time running about and spotting dragonflies, pondskaters, looking at water lilies and playing touch with the mimosas.

Lots of space to run about

Great view of Sungei Serangoon

I huff and I puff and I blow the seeds away?!
Bridge linking Punggol to Lor Halus
Touching the mimosas to close them
Lovely cattails

Tanjong Beach Sentosa
We found Tanjong Beach Club by accident when we decided to go to the beach at Sentosa. Tanjong Beach Club is really a nice restaurant at Tanjong Beach Sentosa. Well, the food is pricey (as expected) and there's just loads of ang mos there. But with the nice sun beds and clean sand, it is certainly a great place to lounge and spend a weekend morning there.
We'll go there at about 10ish (they open at 10am on weekends) and that's when they do not have a lot of people yet and we can get hold of a deck chair or a sun bed. The crowd start coming at about lunch time. When we there on Friday, the staff was quite nice and they actually came to us to tell us that they have a reservation at noon and that we could use the sun beds till then. So yup.. not too bad service. In return, we'll usually order fries for the kiddos. And I must say, the fries there are really quite good.
The daddy bought the boys a dinghy and they had fun sitting in it while daddy towed them all over the sea.
The sand at Sentosa is nice and clean. Unlike the other beaches on the mainland.
This silly boy had a ball of a time lugging the dinghy, saying that he is shielding himself from the sun!

The tide was really low and we caught a starfish! And yes, we released it before we left the beach.
A sun bed, fries and ketchup. What more can you ask for?
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