Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy CNY!!

Kieran refused to allow his hair to be cut professionally for the longest time. I had to do a trim about 1 week before CNY but it kinda turned out bad. So we really had to get him a professional cut. Brought him to Junior League (Vivo City) and surprisingly, he was rather agreeable (even though Daddy had to sit with him). Since he was so cooperative, we asked the lady to give him a really short cut so that it'll last longer, ha and hence the pai kai look!! :P

New jammies for CNY! Bought the WALL-E one from Toys 'R' Us in HK. Fer's glow-in-the-dark rocket one was bought in Melaka. I didn't notice any glowing though. Fer wore that jammie once in Shanghai. But yeah.. still new.

The cousins all in blue. Thought that they were really cute fooling around on the floor like that. If only they played so nicely all the time!!

What's CNY without the traditional Tok Tok Chiang clothes? Fer wore Kieran's old suit from 2 CNYs ago. Still looks good haha.. He looked like some Kung Fu master!! Now to see who to pass that on to. Kieran wore Leighton's suit. The 3/4 pants actually looked funny on him and I didn't want to spend money getting new ones that would only be worn once or twice.

The annual Lo Hei. Not many lo hei sessions this year. Only this one on the 1st day and the other day at school. Love lo hei. Yummy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Reunion Dinner (18 Jan 09)

Forgot to make this post after the dinner. Mum and Dad were flying out to Fuzhou (today actually) and hence the super early reunion.


It's a big cleanup day!

Had an off day from work today and since Kieran still has school, it's just me and Fer at home. Cleaned up the entire house, mopped the entire house and put away most of Kieran's toys. (Well, he'll probably take them all out when he gets back later!! :( ) Now the house is decent for CNY!

Happy CNY everyone!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

We celebrated our 5th year ROM anniversary at Bottle Tree Village last Saturday. It was really, really windy there. The food was only alright, but the boys had fun at the little playground there.
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fer Fer's sprouting tooth!!

Can you see that little white spot? The tooth hasn't cut the surface yet, but you can see a little white band. That probably explains the salivation (not a lot but more than usual) and the increased crying. And yes, the waking up at 3am for milk. :(

Kieran says...

Kieran is still not very proficient in speaking and so I am not always able to find out the things he did in school for the day. I tend to use whatever little knowledge I have of their activities in school and try to ask leading questions. So this is what I do everyday when I pick him up:

M: Did you have fun in school today?
K: Yes!
M: What did you do?
K: play school (or sometimes he doesn't reply)
M: What did you play with?
K: ...
M: Did you go to the gym to drive the car/ sing song/ draw etc?
K: Yes!
M: What did you eat in school today? (depending on the day of the week) 
M: Cornflakes? Porridge? Bread?
K: No porridge. Bread.
M: What did you drink? Juice or water?
K: Juice
M: What juice? Apple or orange?
K: Apple Juice

So usually it is a hit-and-run kind of situation. He'll answer yes/no to my questions and sometimes he'll be able to actually tell me the stuff he really did.

Last night, over dinner, I was talking to him about school again.
M: What is your teacher's name? Miss..?
K: Miss...
M: Miss Jaslin
K: Miss Jas..lin
M: Do you like Miss Jaslin?
K: Yes! 
M: Does Miss Jaslin sing songs?
K: Yes!
M: What about Su Lao Shi?
K: Su Lao Shi, Zao An!!!
M: :P
Then I showed him 1 finger.
K: yi!
2 fingers.
K: er!
3 fingers
K: san!
M: =D =D =D

I didn't expect him to do 1, 2, 3 in mandarin! We always taught him in English. Looks like his mandarin has got some hope afterall!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Kieran & school

m: do you like school?
K: yes
m: do you want to go school tomorrow?
k: No!

It's always the same answer. He will say that he likes school, he is happy in school but when you ask if he want to go to school, it'll always be a resounding "no!". :P

Spoke to his teachers yesterday and all of them said very positive things about Kieran. They said that he's big Kor Kor in school now and he is really active in school. They also said that he is very different from the boy who first went to school last term. He is no longer as reserved and seem to have grown up quite a bit over the holidays. I'd like to think that it is because of Kiefer's arrival that Kieran has grown up. There is someone to share the attention that used to be all his and it has been a good change actually. Instead of becoming a jealous little boy, he is actually more confident and more generous now. I believe that our 2 boys are really meant to be brothers to each other and I know that they have loads to teach each other (and us too..).

Kieran is learning to speak a lot more. He can converse in short phrases and is enthusiastic to learn pronunciations when we correct him. (He just came to me and said, "Mummy, Kieran ta-muck-egg *stomachache*") He uses phrases like "mummy sleep (with) fer fer, daddy sleep (with) kieran". We see him steadily progressing in his language, vocabulary and speech. As much as I'm happy that he is speaking well, I'm sure going to miss his mispronunciations and the look on his face when he searches for the words he needs to say and use.

I'm a little sad that Kieran has grown up, but I am extremely proud of the little boy that he has turned out to be. :D

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Half a year has gone by for the 2 brothers...

Didn't manage any paper scrappbooking this hols and this is one of the few digital pages I did in this break. Time flies, and here's our 2 boys this half a year!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Gastroenteritis.. blah..

Been suffering from a bout of gastroenteritis (or at least I think that it is) all weekend. Started with pains that spread all the way to the back on Saturday and the runs (bad ones) on Sunday. It got so bad that I felt myself dehydrating and because I really had to appetite to eat, my blood sugar went down really low I think. Combined with the dehydration, I think my blood pressure went down as well, so much so that I actually blacked-out in the bathroom after one of LS episode and knocked my head on the wall. Lucky thing was I didn't lose consciousness, and still managed to get out of the bathroom and yelled for Hubby. Figured that I really lost too much water (plus I was BFing Fer I guess), I got Hubb to go buy the rehydration salts and started to hydrate myself. At first I thought that it was just a case of food poisoning, but I came down with the fever in the night, thus I guess it would be an infection of some sort.

Today is slightly better. Still can't do plain water, the water that goes in comes out in about 10 minutes. The rehydration mix is better, at least the water stays in. Still having some runs, but much lesser. Tummy cramps every now and then but all is good.

Didn't go see a doctor and self-medicated. Tried Dhamotil, but that didn't really stop the runs After 3 doses, I decided not to continue anymore in case I wind up with constipation. Bought Lacteol-Fort. I think this really works. The runs stopped after the first sachet. I guess probiotics the way to treat diarrhoea huh.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year! & Kiefer is 8 months old!

Celebrated the last day of the year at Long Beach Seafood! Yummy food! It's been a long time since we really splurged on dinner.

And here's our adorable darling Fer Fer! He is 8 months old already! He's quite a chatty fella, and really good and holding on to his property! Whenever anyone takes away something that he is playing with, he's sure to "complain, complain, complain" (i.e. yelling) till someone gives it back to him or gives him something else to play with!

I've been giving him a variety of foods to try and some new stuff include:
  1. carrots
  2. plain yoghurt
  3. tofu
  4. papaya
  5. brown rice (Nestle & TCM blend)
And now that he is 8 months old, I'm going to start him on broccoli and flaxseed this month.
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