Tuesday, January 01, 2008

20 weeks and counting..

Loads of things to think about nowadays. School's starting, new baby, names, school for Kieran, maid. Woah! I am really getting overwhelmed! It doesn't help that our stove's kinda broken, our dryer's broken and there's a huge load of laundry to be washed!!!

Still, I am thankful for each and everyday that I get to spend with my family. Watching Kieran grow and reach his milestones is my greatest joy. I hope that with the addition of a new little one to our family, this joy greatly expands.

Just went to the Dr's yesterday. Baby is well and good. He looks like a big boy already! Haha.. I can't help but remember how it was with Kieran as well. The excitement each time we go to the dr's just to take a peak at Baby at the ultrasound. I think Kieran is understanding more already. He does seem a little excited now when he looked at the screen for the funny image that we say is his didi. :P 5 months already. Only 4 more to go. Why do I think that this pregnancy is going faster than the last???
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