Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kieran says...

in the car...
mummy: later you finish nai nai you gotta go sleep ok?
kieran: no. kieran work!
mummy & daddy: *eyebrows moved up* :D
mummy: do you have work to do?
kieran: *seriously nodding head* Yes. 


Saturday, February 21, 2009

a quick update

a quick update on Kiefer:
  1. a second tooth has sprouted. bottom front. it seemed to have just popped up overnight, 2 nights ago! that probably explained the cranky-drink-milk-nip-me-all-the-time syndrome. :P anyway so he now has 2 (lower) front teeth.
  2. he now generally eats cereal for lunch and porridge (millet + white rice or brown rice) for dinner. the carbo is usually accompanied with 2 cubes of vege (either 1 green + 1 orange or 2 cubes of broccoli). just started him on some pork today.
  3. every weekend (sat and sun) he has 1 bottle of formula (Enfalac) in the morning. 4 scoops + 120ml of water.
  4. leopard crawls very well and can sometimes lift his abdomen up and do a proper crawl.
  5. can move a sitting position from lying down on his own.
  6. does the "plphooophst" (blowing raspberries) (with tongue sticking out sometimes) whenever he is angry/displeased/ doesn't get whatever he wants. :P

update on Kieran:
  1. his language is increasing by leaps and bounds. he has now promised to "3 year old birthday, throw bottle, drink milk from cup and go toilet!" i actually taught him to say "go potty" and thus was surprised when he said go "toilet" instead!! haha. he now counts 1-13 in Mandarin too! he is starting to speak in phrases and attempts to form sentences. e.g. "xie xie daddy bring wheel!" (aka thank you daddy for bringing me to the flyer)
  2. he'll ask to read some books before bed every night. and the some would mean all the books lying around next to his bed. and that's easily 5-6 usually. sometimes we are guilty of not reading with him cos we are just so tired. :(. have to try harder mummy!
  3. he is really happy in school. no more "no school". when asked if he wants to go school. it's always yes! :D

Friday, February 06, 2009

Kiefer is 9 months old!

Time really, really flies with this little one! It seemed not too long ago that we were just in the hospital, amazed at how closely he resembles his brother. Now he is an active and noisy little baby!

In the last month he has learnt to sit up indefinitely and on occasion, he is able to move into the sitting position while on his front. And yes, he is officially mobile! He creeps (leopard crawls) very quickly, especially to get to his favourite items (e.g. keys, phones, remote controls). Pretty much everything he lands his hands on goes into his little mouth for some tasting! However, the items now also undergo a little gnawing from that one little tooth on his lower jaw. :P It was amazing how fast he went from trying to move to suddenly being able to move forwards. He only spent 2 days wriggling backwards and then he figured out how to move forwards already! Prior to creeping, he got to places by rolling about! It was amusing to see him rolling onto his front and rolling back onto his back to and fro trying to get to wherever he needed to be! He'll roll and look to see how far he is from his target and then he'll try again! :P Yesterday, he has successfully gotten off Kieran's bed butt first! The funny thing about Fer Fer is that he tend to learn or achieve milestones in no order. i.e. he sat up before he could roll over, stand with help without being able to sit up properly, and now, get off the bed butt first without even trying to plunge headfirst onto the floor like most babies! That's our little Kiefer for you! :D

On the eating front, I still think he doesn't really eat a lot but yes, he is improving. He usually has brown rice cereal for lunch and porridge (white or brown rice) for dinner. I may have to start giving him some breakie too? And usually, he gets some homemade curd everyday or alternate days to just help his bowel movements a little. I still have not started meats with him, probably in another month or so. Thus, his proteins now comes from tofu and his fats and omega-3s from flaxseeds and avocados.

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