Tuesday, November 30, 2010

so what have we been doing?

Hubby is out of town for a couple of days and so it's just the boys and me for these few days.

Yesterday was a rainy day and so we stayed indoors, playing with toys, watching DVDs and made some little knick knacks for Christmas.

The boys were really quite good at this but both crafting sessions probably only lasted 20 minutes. Just had to find more things for them to do.

So, we woke up this morning, checked the weather forecast and yipee, it said cloudy! Cloudy is good. Means no rain and yet not too sunny. And so, off to the zoo we went.

We reached to zoo fairly early and we managed to catch the Splash Safari show. The boys were very well behaved. I made a "deal and promise" with Kieran that he had to let Kiefer sit on the stroller and he stand behind it at the zoo. He kept to his deal and didn't whine whenever Kiefer sat on the stroller. :) I think they are always well behaved when they are only with either one of us. When both of us are present, they know that there are more hands to cater to their wants!

Here are some photos from our zoo trip today.

Just arrived at the park, all nice and alert.

Kieran had fun feeding and patting the kangaroos. Kiefer was really enthusisatic about going into the enclosure,  but decided that he didn't like the kangaroos all that much. :P

Well, he wanted to take pictures with the macaws too..

2 very hungry little boys by lunch time.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I decided to have a little Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves this year. Not that we are pilgrims or anything, but I'd thought it'll be nice to be a little festive and to be thankful for this wonderful year for our family.

I didn't make an entire turkey for dinner, but we had 2 roasted chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and corn instead. The boys didn't eat much of the meat, but gobbled up all the potatoes and corn. Well, it was nice having thanksgiving together as a family.

I wanted to have an apple pie for dessert actually but Hubb already ate the dessert the night before. So let's just say the dinner spanned 2 nights. :P It was an apple pie that I made and I have to say, it is such an easy peasy recipe from LifeasMom.

Now that the dishes are done, I'm trying not to be worried about the big interview that I am having tomorrow. I will just sit down and enjoy Sorcerer's Apprentice with the boys first.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kieran's 2nd concert @ TMCK

It is the end of the year again. And we just attended Kieran's year end concert yesterday evening. It was so eveident that he was enjoying himself so much. The spotted us at the side of the hall the moment he came on stage and started waving to us. Throughout the 2min song, he was just jumping and smiling!! I'm so happy that he is enjoying this!

The concert had a Christmas theme and Kieran's class was dancing to Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer in Japanese. It was funny as he was singing to us the last couple of weeks and we thought that it was just some Japanese song. He sang something like "Doowah. .Doowah.. sakura.. ina mashita!" I was still wondering why he called it the reindeer song earlier.

This is how this little fella has grown in 1 year. This photo was taken at the same spot that he stood last year!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

That's so fun!

The daddy did a high speed sharp turn on the road, after which #1 commented:

"You can do that?
That was so fun!
Like a race car!"

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Friday, November 05, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore

SIL booked 2 hotel rooms for themselves and ILs at Resorts World Sentosa, and the rooms came with USS tickets. And if ILs were to go, there'll be no one to take care of the kiddos. I don't feel comfortable with them bringing the kiddos out to a theme park like that on there own and thus both Hubb and I applied for leave and joined them at USS for the day.

We left at 9 in the morning, and surprising, it does feel like we were on some holiday. The same excitement, as though we were going on a road trip. :) I had a bag packed with extra clothes, water and snacks, and we brought along our trusty Peg Perego. This stroller hasn't seen the light of day for eons!! :P

I would think the $66 price tag on the tickets was a little too steep. The park was small. We went in at about 1030am and we were done by 4pm. And that was including lunch and dilly-dallying. And it was rather disappointing that service wasn't fantastic there. The first bummer of the day was that our e-tickets were rejected at the entrance and there was this whole commotion about the hotel already printing the tickets out for us and so on. (Nothing on our booking told us that we needed to pick the tickets up from the hotel, and who would wait till check-in time at 3pm to go into USS?) Blah.. anyway, I'm sure that had that happening a lot cos people behind in the queue also had the same problem. And if that were the case, shouldn't they already have rectified the issue? And while we were waiting for the Guest Relations to settle the issue, and while the queue was building up, this other staff member came up, trying to alleviate the problem but did a real lousy job. He saw me standing in front of the counter waiting for the solution, and yet asked what my problem was. Well he got a "so do you really want me to repeat the entire thing?" and then he backed off!! :P He was simply bad at customer service and got a couple of scathing remarks from people in the queue.

Anyway, the entire park is just full of bad, bad English. When I say bad English, it is not just the usual slips of grammar, it is just bad-sounding English blaring at you all the time. While we were at the Special Effects sound stage, this uncle enthusiastically introduced Steven Spielbert to us and welcomed us to Universe Studios and to proceed to the next Special (effects) Soundstage. urgh.. !! While queuing up for Shrek 4D, we kept hearing this lady staff yelling and people to move in. Yelling. And, I think the seats were either busted during the show, or someone cranked the effects such that the seats moved asynchronously with the show. Not just the seats we were sitting on, when I looked across, there were sections of seats that were not moving. And no, they were not the stationary seats that were meant for the elderly/ disabled people.

The USS staff were seemingly not trained in politeness. You hardly hear them say please or greet. I even overheard this guy tell 2 kids to "'sit down!" as they were boarding the rollercoaster, in a tone that I would usually reserve for the boys when they run about during dinner!! There was no "please" or "thank you" either. At that moment, I was thinking, "if that guy used that tone with me when I get on, he's going to get an earful from me!!"

Before I went USS, I read/ hear people raving about how great Mel's Drive In was. Even in LA, Mel's Drive In was ok.. the great thing there was that we always had the food band so we could grab whatever we liked. The burger was not fantastic there but good enough. Over at USS, the burger patty at Mel's was so darn dry and rubbery. The cheese on the cheeseburger? It was dried up till it looked translucent!! Ok, Hubb said that the chilli dog was not bad tho'.

So what's the fun at USS? I guess that's just cos we were there with our boys. Kieran got on the Rapids ride with the 3-storey drop at Jurassic Park and Kiefer rode on his first rollercoaster at Shrek! :)

Despite the cloud cover, it was still really hot to be out the entire day. By the time we were done, we were really all tired out. I couldn't even keep my eyes open after eating dinner. I fell right asleep while the boys were watching The Mummy that night! The next morning, it was as though we were jet-lagged. Kiefer woke up at 5ish (am) and proclaimed that he has "finished sleeping"! and Kieran woke up at 630am and said that "it is sunny already"!! Hubby and I were so tired out that we simply turned on Playhouse Disney and we both fell right back asleep!! So the boys were on their own till 9+ when we next woke cos the kiddos wanted their milk. After that, again Kiefer was getting tired, so in the midst of putting him down for a nap at 10+, I too, went back to sleep with him till noon when Kieran started asking me for lunch!! :P Thus, had to wake up to get lunch for him. I was so glad that I had freezer meals ready so I could get his lunch ready in 30min. :D Gosh.. the one day at USS really knocked us out for two days!!!
This was the "Shrek's Castle" that the boys were bugging us to bring them to, ever since they saw it while we crossed the causeway into Sentosa last August.

Kieran went up on the Rapids Adventure ride with the 3-storey drop at Jpark with the 2 of us!! Bravo! Kiefer couldn't make the height limit. :( 


Only the carousel was open at Madagascar. :(

Kiefer's 1st real rollercoaster. He barely made the height limit, he may actually have missed the height limit by 1cm. This was the Enchanted Airways (we call it the Dragoncoaster:P) at Far Far Away. It was really quite fast for a kiddy ride! And he loved it and wanted to go on it again, but we didn't think we should cos it was really quite a task to hold on to him cos he was so tiny on the ride and I could feel him swinging about in his seat even though I clutched onto him tight!!
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