Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trying to potty train Kieran

We can't say that we are really training him and we can't say that we are not either. Here's what we've been doing for the last week. 

At Grandparents:
He wears briefs and they are supposed to ask him to go toilet every 1/2h. When I was there in the afternoon, he usually has pee if he is asked to go toilet. But if we forget to ask, he will not say and he will go in his briefs.

At home,
In diapers, cos mummy has no time to clean up pee pee messes. But when he says that he wants to "poot poot" I will quickly bring him to the potty and he goes in there. And he's really cute, he'll go "Tada!" when he sees the poop in the potty. haha!! And then he'll ask for a star for his "Kieran is a Good Boy" chart! :D

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day at the Flyer.. again.. (P1)

Kieran finally sat on his own for a haircut!! No crying, no whinning. In fact, he was really happy to get his hair cut!! We've come a long, long way!!!

Since we had the Family Pass for the Singapore Flyer, we went there a couple more times this holiday. (We are at ride #12 already!!) Brought along out Nikon today and thus, some nice photos for memories (and scrapbooking!! :D)

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Day at the Flyer.. again..

This kinda sums up our day at the Flyer!
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

C is for cookie...

It's the hols (and it's finishing soon.. :() and so we've got time to do stuff! Baked a bunch of chocolate chip cookies with Kieran last night. Yummy!! Kieran helped in the creaming and the folding and the scooping of the mixture onto the baking sheet! Yummy yum yum!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Kiefer is 10 months old!!

Another 2 more months and we'll be celebrating this little fella's 1 year old birthday!! Yay!
An update of the things he can now achieve:
  • Crawl (belly up) all over the house
  • Pulls himself up to a standing position, as long as he has something to grab on to
  • Start cruising a little
  • claps hands on demand (he could do this since he was about 8+ mths. Can't remember if I blogged about it.)
  • waves goodbye (whole arm movement)
  • says "alouw.." (*hello*) with his hand to his ears!! (in a low voice) :P
I've also started a little meat (pork) in his diet and am going to try beef later today. 
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