Saturday, March 27, 2010

Damn you bug!!

I've been lying in bed all day. What I thought was a simple case of food poisoning turned out to be gastroenteritis. :( I been lying almost motionless because every little movement sets the cramps off. And I can hear all the bubbles in my churning tummy. Still, I'm glad that this is not really that bad, I've had worse. Now to stop the little from jumping on me as I lie in bed.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meniere's Disease & TCM

After a few sessions with the ENT since April last year, the ENT couldn't pin point the problem with hubby's ear and thus concluded that it is idiopathic Meniere's Disease. It is really rather depressing to be diagnosed as that because when we googled around the web, there is simply no treatment/ cure for Meniere's Disease. Medicines are prescribed usually only to manage the symptoms. And after being on Betahistine and Apotriazide for 9 months, the improvement of the symptoms have seem to come to a plateau. His tinnitus is almost persistent, especially at night.

We decided to visit a TCM practitioner about 2 months back and according to the sinseh, he says that his ear problem is all resultant of a very bad imbalance in his body. His kidneys and heart are "heaty" and to treat the ear, we have to tackle the problem with the heart and the kidneys. After about 2 months of brewing and drinking really yucky tasty concoctions, even hubby says that the condition is improving. We have not gone for an audiogram to check if the hearing is back, but at least he doesn't get the pressure buildup in the ear anymore and the tinnitus only surfaces when the environment is very, very quiet. :) Also, even after a few stressful days and lack of sleep, he didn't have the symptoms acting up either. He has since stopped taking the "western" medicines and is doing really well. It really proved that the meds were only managing/ supressing the symptoms but not doing anything for the cause of the problem.

Here's a website that talks about how TCM can be used to treat Meniere's Disease. And I found that the prescribed herbs are similar to what hubby has.
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