Saturday, February 02, 2013

Kieferisms again

25 Jan 2013
Kieran saw us browsing airfares online and asked if we are going anywhere. So we said "mummy and daddy are going. if you guys are good, maybe." So he went to Kiefer (who was showering and told him about it (Mummy and daddy going on holiday). After he came out, we heard Kiefer shouting from the bathroom " Kieran! Kieran! I need to talk to you! Are they going without us?!!" :P

and no, we are not going anywhere. browsing airfare is just one of hubby's favourite past time.

27 Jan 2013
Next time my wife will put on sunblock for me.
Me: next time you put on sunblock for your wife! Like how daddy does it for mummy.
*thinks for a bit* then he says:
Ok, I'll put it for my wife and my wife puts it on my sons.
Me: will you have daughters?
K: no. Err.. I think yes!

28 Jan 2013
The context: Both of them were still chatting and Kieran still fiddling with Legos when they were supposed to be sleeping.
Me: Should I get Daddy in here? You are scared of daddy but not me right? Are you scared of Mummy?
Kiefer: Nope. Only daddy. *gives that cheeky face*
Mummy: Not scared of mummy? why?
Kiefer: cos you are thin!
Me: and daddy?
Kiefer: Daddy is f... erm.. strong!
Me: you were going to say fat right?!
Kiefer: no! daddy is strong!
Me: but thin and strong are not opposite terms!
*changed subject when Ah ma walked in*
Kiefer: I'm fat fat! *lifts his tshirt*
Ah Ma: You where got fat?!
Me: yes kieps! you are skinny bom bom
Kiefer: no! gege's skinny bom bom and I'm a rascal!

Glad he knows he's rascally!

31 Jan 2013
on bedtime rules:
Why do adults sleep later?
Cos adults are less tired so they sleep later?
When I'm a adult I'll also be less tired?
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