Friday, December 30, 2011

The stage of don't wants

Kiefer's been doing loads of "don't wants" these days. Sometimes I think that he is just trying to do the opposite of what people want him to do.

Today is one of those typical days:

1st don't want:
Brought him to school with me and he took off his sandals and ran around the staff room. Kept saying "don't want" and refused to put the sandals back on.

2nd don't want:
We were leaving school for lunch. Refused to get into the car because he wanted to "see how Uncle Blee drive off". So the string of don't wants.

3rd don't want:
We parked the car at home and walked to the eating place. And because we didn't park at the eating place, the "don't want" to walk to lunch started.

4th don't want:
At lunch. Only wanted the brown noodles (Pontian wanton mee we had last night). So the don't want to eat started.

5th don't want:
Didn't want to bathe before gege. Didn't want to finish his milk. Then started whining and saying that he wants to bathe later when I said I didn't want to bathe him anymore.

It is really quite frustrating with this phase of "don't wants". Even though the don't wants don't usually last very long (he usually gets distracted after awhile and then continues what needs to be done after the distraction), it really takes us a much longer time than needed to get things done. Just hope that he gets out of this soon. I always think that this boy probably got his terrible 2s late. He was such an angel at 2 years old. All these nonsense only started when he turned 3!! Pray hard for a fabulous 4!! :)

Holidays fly by just like that!

Yes, just like that! Our year end holidays are coming to an end. We spent a good part of it on holiday in California and we had a blast there!

We flew on EVA air and I must say, Asian airlines are always great! The timing of the flight was good too. We left in the afternoon from Singapore and landed at LAX at about 230pm. After collecting our luggages and picking up the call, we got to Ah Yi's house at about dinner time. That meant that we did not have to struggle to stay awake for a long time. We did some light shopping at a nearby shopping place and then went to bed for the light. This really helped in easing the jetlag.

After resting for a 3 days to get over the jetlag, we made the long drive (7 hours) up to San Francisco to meet up with Wendy and family. It is always fun to go on road trips. It is even more fun as Les had to drive on the left! The boys were good on the drive. We only stopped once for lunch and another time for a toilet break. They entertained themselves by drawing (Kieran), watching movies on the iPad squashed between the front seats or taking naps. People are always amazed that our kids never had problems on long drives, but I guess they are just used to being in the car seats and they never knew they could make a fuss! :P 

We started on theme parks in the 2nd week of our holiday. Our first stop was Universal Studios. We enjoyed the studio tours the most. We saw the new King Kong attraction in the back lots. They rebuilt the studio after the last one was burnt down in a fire back in 2008. This new attraction is now a 3D show where we saw King Kong fight with the V-rex to save our tram. It was a fantastic experience.

We next went Disneyland. We spent 3 days at Disneyland and the boys loved the Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster ride. We went on that ride umpteen times and there was no fast pass on it! At California Adventure Park, we loved Soarin' over California. Kiefer just managed to make the 40" height limit on this ride. We probably went onto the ride 3-4 times at least. During one of the times, the ride broke down and we received a fast pass that was good for any of the rides (except Star tours) in the park. That was great because we used it at Toy Story Midway Mania where the queue was forever at least 45 minutes long. Just because we had the pass, we managed to go on that ride a second time.

We bought the boys some Disney pins from ebay for the boys  to do some trading at Disneyland. They had a lot of fun looking for pins that they like. It was a cheap and fun activity for them at DL, especially for Kiefer, when he had to wait around for his gege and daddy to finish their rides. He'll look for pins that he likes and trade them. We bought the pins at ebay for only about $1 a piece and we managed to trade them for beautiful pins that probably cost $6 - $15 a piece.

We drove down to Vegas and San Diego in the following week.The boys have not been to Vegas before and the last time we both went, it was 5 years ago. It was nice to be back there again. We watched 2 shows there. The Blue Man Group was hilarious. It was a musical/ percussion show that stimulated the senses. We also saw Cirque Du Soleil's Mystere. We watched such a late show that I actually fell asleep during the trapeze segment. The 2 boys loved the show, especially the big baby character that was in the show. 

We originally wanted to drive to the Grand Canyon but decided against making the long drive. We did go to Hoover Dam though. Kieran could recall the exact scene from Superman that was filmed there. It was a nice sight-seeing trip. 

 In the final week, we were off to Seaworld, San Diego Zoo and Legoland. The boys were actually really looking forward to Seaworld.  Though they still loved the Shamu show, we thought that Seaworld has lost its charm. Both the Shamu and Dolphin shows were quite bad. There was not much interaction between the animals and their trainers. In the Dolphin show, half the show had board divers jumping off the diving boards and also had a macaw (dancer in costume) flying around. However, Kiefer loved looking at the huge walrus at the Wild Artic exhibit. It was obvious that the walrus was really bored as it swam round and round in the same routine. Kiefer kept running up and down, following the walrus' path from outside the glass.

We haven't been back to San Diego Zoo in a while. We actually quite enjoy riding on the open top tram around the zoo. I think there were improvements made to the zoo because I didn't remember it to be so huge. However, the skyride (cable car) was closed and we missed going up on it. The boys enjoyed looking at the gorilla as there are no gorillas in our Singapore zoo.

Legoland was definitely their favourite park in San Diego. We adults love it too. The rides are just so fun. This is the first time Kiefer could drive in the Volvo driving school and he did so well in there. He finally earned his "driver's licence"! :P

After San Diego, we spent another 2 nights in LA and it was back to Singapore. It will be awhile before we can embark on such a long holiday again!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daily happenings..

We have just a little more time on our hands these days, and so, what have the kids been up to?

The boys started swimming classes about a month ago. They have since gained much water confidence and can now paddle by themselves while clutching onto their swim noodles. After just a month or so of lessons, the 2 of them are as brown as toast now.

Kieran started Chinese class at Tien Hsia this term. After just 7 lessons (#8 was a review session, #9 was a mini recital), he now recognises some 28+ characters and can recite about 6 poems in Mandarin. In fact he attempts to speak in Mandarin more these days. He will point out different vegetables/ fruits in the supermarket and say their names in Chinese. An amazing achievement for someone who once didn't utter a single word in Mandarin!

Both the boys had their end-of-year concert at their kindy last week. Kieran was performing a song called "Barnyard Animals Worship" and he was great as a little brown dog! The song opened with him shaking his little butt, and I thought that it was really cute. He actually warned us prior to the concert that we were not to laugh at his wriggling butt!

This was Kiefer's first concert and we were so proud of him. He was singing and dancing to his song "This little light of mine" and we could see how much focus he put in to get everything right. I thought he was the cutest little kid on stage. When he first came onto the stage, he started looking around for us. We could see his usual look of annoyance (the "why-you-never-let-me-xxx" look) when he could not find us. He was quite a blur bloke actually. We were waving and waving at him but he just didn't see us. Finally, at the end of the segment, as they were getting off the stage, I yelled "Kiefer!". He heard it, spotted us and yelled a really loud "MUMMY!". He was so adorable that the audience started laughing too! We saw his entire face light up when he spotted us. That's my little rascal!

Chicken Robot (by Kieran)
Eye (by Kiefer)
AT-AT (by Kieran)

We've finally taken their box of Duplos out of storage and they've been building and building and building the last couple of days. 

Really looking forward to the holidays really starting. Things haven't been slowing down in school for the 2 of us. So we are really looking forward to the break!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Updates on the move

We've moved out of our Punggol place for more than a month already and I would say, I really dislike moving. We had a major move day where the movers came and brought all the major items out of the house but we still spend the next three weeks going back as forth, cleaning out the house of all the little knick and knacks. It was just one troublesome move.

Half of the stuff moved by the movers
I really do miss this large and spacious living room. I miss how the boys could drive their Little Tikes cars around the house.
We've kept most of our things in storage and we were fortunate that we had a free storage space. We could put away our sofa and all other stuff that we'll probably not need in the next 2 years. And if you ask me, I really do not remember what's in there now.

This was the last photograph we took in the house. It was a bittersweet moment. Afterall, this was our first home, and where the kids were born. I still miss it.

We are quite nicely settled in our parents' place (but of cos, there are still boxes to put away) and have come to some sort of new routine. I do appreciate the fact that I do not have to do laundry or to put away clothes and most of all, I get to sleep in a little more in the mornings. This will be something that's going to be a little hard to get adjusted again once we move back to our own place. In the mean time, I'll appreciate all the extra time that I get to spend with the boys.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Logical thinking

Kiefer's reply to the coach when asked how he was going to get back to the edge of he doesn't swim: 
"I go underwater, I drink water, I cough and then he (coach) will bring me back." Such logical thinking!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Lame rhyme by Kieran

A big fat peanut is not good for you. If it becomes a bomb, it'll explode on you!
 Kieran came home with this silly rhyme. Rather nonsensical, but really funny the way he said it!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


The jitters are creeping in as we get ready to move in 2 weeks.. yikes!
There are still many things which are not packed and I really do not know where to start!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Simple machines

We were in the car when Kieran said:

K: Mummy, a seesaw is a simple machine. The triangle thing, what is it called?
M: pivot
K: pivot. Correct!
K: and what is it called?
M: *I thought for a moment and thought that it is more rightly referred to as a fulcrum* so I said FULCRUM
K: yes! Fulcrum! Correct!
K: a wheel with a pencil inside is also a simple machine! You can roll it to move.

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On the Butterfly Park excursion

This was what Kiefer said to me as I was looking at the kindy's letter, informing me about an excursion to the Butterfly Park:

Mummy, can I borrow money to go to the butterfly park?

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Letter sounds

We were a little worried as Kiefer couldn't seem to sound  'L' and 'S' well, even though he really speaks very well. His 'L' sounds like "yoo". He does "yook" (*look*), 'beu' for  *blue*. His 'S' sounds like a 'th', as though he has a short tongue.

I remembered this old post I had for Kieran and I realised that Kieran also didn't sound his 'L's at about the same age. So I guess we are ok! :D

Monday, June 20, 2011


Kiefer has a little birthmark on his right ankle.

K: can you wash away (pointing to the 5c sized spot on his ankle while I was bathing him just now)
M: No Kief, that's your birthmark. Cannot be washed off.
K: cannot? it is to protect me?
M: yes Kief. Who taught you that the birthmark protects you?
K: uncertain for a while and then said "Daddy"

but daddy didn't teach him that. Wonder who did or if he thought that up himself.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dry night #1

We were brave last night. We had him go to bed diaperless. We made him pee one last time before he slept, lined the bed with 2 bed protectors and we all went to bed for the night. And..

We had an absolutely DRY night!


*Moving* fast

This holiday has been one crazy holiday.

It all started with us looking around at new property and found something that we really liked and placing a deposit on it. Everything went really fast from then on. We sold our current flat over 2 weekends and now are in the midst of packing and getting ready to move out of the house in about 2-3 months time. Everything's a whirl but a good sort of whirl! :D

However, I did go through a couple of days of emotional ups and downs. It was a bittersweet moment when we decided to sell our current flat. After all, this is our first home and we have 7 years of memories in this place. (And of cos, 7 years worth of stuff to store away!) I've grown to love our house a lot. The physical place as well as the people (neighbours) around us. It will be hard to move away from all these. We started our lives together, just the 2 of us in this place and our 2 boys were also born here. I only hope that with the photos that I've taken, they will also remember this childhood home of theirs.

At least, we are quite happy with the new owners of our beloved home. We've met them once and we decided that we like them. At least I know that the new owners will love this place as much as we did.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Update on the diaperless situation

Kiefer's been going diaperless in the day. In fact, he can nap without his diaper and not wet the bed. That's a 2-3hr dry stretch. We still keep him in diapers at night as he still wakes up in the morning with a fairly wet diaper. I wonder if it is just because he has diapers, he'll just pee at night. Anyway, the biggest issue now is that he doesn't tell when he wants to poop. He's pooped in his briefs on 2 occasions already! Just 2 days ago, he stood by the living room window, not moving and darn quiet. I thought he peed on the floor. He kept quiet even though I asked him if he peed (I was across the living room, at the dining table doing some work with Kieran). When I walked over, I realised he was shocked (and probably darn scared that he's gonna get a shelling), there was the biggest pile of poop on the floor! He just went and because he was only wearing shorts and no briefs, the poop simply fell onto the floor. He even stepped on a little of the poop! Luckily, the daddy was still at home and thus cleaned up the mess on the floor while I hauled the little fella into the bathroom to do a major scrub down! He hasn't pooped since that day and today I knew he was going to go and thus brought him to the toilet. But he didn't (or maybe couldn't) go. He asked for diapers but I didn't put it on for him. So gonna start watching for signs of pooping again.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Record of growth

I have this height chart that hangs behind the door of the boys' room and I've been marking their height off the chart. Was looking at it awhile ago, I decided that I'd better record their heights down somewhere lest the chart goes missing in the coming months.

Kieran's Heights
29/12/08 - 91cm
21/7/09 - 96cm
31/8/10 - 102cm
29/1/11 - 105cm
10/6/11 - 109cm

Kiefer's Heights
21/7/09 - 73cm
31/8/10 - 97cm
10/ 6/11 - 95cm

Monday, June 06, 2011

Friday, June 03, 2011

Boatses, trainses

This is how Kiefer talks now. Some times he throws in an extra 'S' when he wants to refer to the plural form for the word. So he'll go boat-ses, or train-ses. However, he doesn't do this for all his words though. Only for some words.

Oh yes, and "stuck-ke" with an extra K sound at the back! :P

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Potty training.. not..

Just like that. Kiefer has decided that he doesn't really need diapers anymore!

About a month or so ago, we've been getting him to go diaperless once in a while just so he knows how good it feels without the wet and heavy diaper. He will usually not want to and sometimes makes a fuss. Me, being the lazy fella who doesn't feel that the stress associated with potty training is worth the trouble, decided a long time ago to just let things be. [Kieran was like this too. It was frustrating to try to potty train him. But once he's decided, he went off diapers in the day in about a month or less and soon after that (maybe another month), he was also off his night diapers.] Fast forward one month, now he usually will not want to wear his diaper in the day anymore. We've been going diaperless in the afternoons at home for about 3-4 days already. He only puts on his diaper pants when he attends school or when we know we will be out a long time. He's even managed to wake up from an afternoon nap with a dry diaper!

Yesterday, we were out for 3 hours, he asked to go toilet 2x and then wet his pants 10min after we came back home. On the whole, I thought that was a really good start. I do realise that he isn't really confident about holding his pee as he ask to go toilet quite a lot when he is diaperless. And each time at the toilet, he doesn't really have a large volume of pee. But it just means that he understands the need to pee sensation! :)

Today, he's decided to go back on the diaper, I guess cos he's a little grouchy, after hurting his knee when he fell on a really gritty carpark today. However, I'm sure I'll have loads of diapers to give away soon.
At Polliwogs today with an injured knee.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kieran turns 5!

My firstborn is 5!! Gosh! Just like that! He's 5 already!! He is now a very assertive (also read: demanding) little boy.

He is a sensitive little boy these days, often getting upset when things do not get his way. I'm hoping that this would be just a phase that he goes through. It can be really frustrating to handle his whining and pouty face each time he is unhappy with something. His classic pose is always hands crossed and a pout on the face. I sometimes feel really bad reprimanding him or even smacking him when he does that. However, I really hope that he learns to manage his emotions as he grows older, or else he will have a hard time dealing with people in future.

On a better note, he is really getting very good with his drawing and painting. His favourite object to draw is always the aeroplane. He does have different variations to his aeroplanes. He sometimes also draws scenes of movies that he sees. He can draw scenes from Starwars and Independent Day quite well (as in one can tell what he is drawing). He also has a really good sense of music. We often find him singing tunes or even songs of shows that he's only watched once or twice!

Anyway, here are some photos of his Up, up and away, Beluga Aeroplane birthday party.

I've refused to have toy guns in the house and thus the boys often improvise their toys. He loves it when he has cousins over cos it would mean that he can play shooting more without mummy yelling at him. In his imaginary play, he is a soldier (the only bad thing? He went after his little brother!! :()

When they are not fighting, they really are good brothers!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our firstborn turns 5 today!!

Gosh! How time flies!!

One of those things Kiefer says!

This happened just 5 minutes ago.
Kiefer: Daddy, somebody drew on the iPad.
Daddy: is it you?
Kiefer: no, it's not me. it's *awkward pause* somebody.
Daddy: I think I know that somebody.
Kiefer: no it's not me. it's somebody who made it dirty. 
And I was just sitting on the other end, trying to control my giggles!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kiefer's 3rd Birthday!

As May Day fell on a Sunday, we had a nice weekend to make a run to Melaka! :P We left on the Friday afternoon and stayed on at Melaka till Sunday when we drove back to Kiefer's BBQ party at home.

We arrived at Hotel Equatorial at about 330pm in the afternoon, checked in, took a short break and off we went to the pool.

Even though we've been to Melaka so many times, we tend to go to familiar places. However this time around, we actually found a little spot that we haven't been before. Well, we actually found it because I had to go toilet as usual.

This copper/ bronze elephant was located at the police station at Jonker street. There was also a bull and a dragon there. The boys had fun running at the open space and around the statues.

We also went into the maritime museum (Ex-KD Sri Terengganu Warship) located near Jonker. We've always driven past it, thinking that it was only a ship structure. We only went into one of them only. It was a hot day and thus we thought we'll leave the Replica Flor de la Mar for another time.

We stayed in the same premier room as we did the last time around. And just as the last time, they jumped around on the day bed and played with the curtains. However, I think due to the weakened immune system of the boys (they had a viral infection earlier in the week) Kieran broke out in a serious case of hives. It was really quite scary to see as he had huge red patches all over his face, arms and body.

 After a dose of Zyrtec and a nap, most of the redness subsided by evening. We even managed to to make our way to the Portuguese settlement for dinner. 
We had a mini celebration for the boys in the hotel room with a slice of chocolate fudge cake. :)

We made it back in time for Kiefer's Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you hear? party!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frenulum Laceration

Kieran hit his mouth last night when we were having dinner. I didn't think it was too big a deal as he didn't cry or anything. I just said opps, and he said oops, and that was it. It was only when we got home, and we were having a yelling match over the milk (yes, the drink from the cup battle again) that he complained that his mouth hurt. I remembered that he knocked his mouth and so I took a look, thinking that he may have cut his lip. Well, he did cut something. It was not his lip but the frenulum. That's the little bit of flesh that connects the lip to the gums. It looked as though someone took a pair of scissors and took a snip!! It actually looked quite scary. I was worried what if it doesn't heal back. Anyway, I called up our trusty family doctor and he said that it'll heal on its own in about a week or so. Well, just for the information of anyone who wants an idea of how a lacerated frenulum looks like, here's a link. I'll just have to check on his mouth everyday and brush his teeth for him, just so that he doesn't injure it further.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Our baby turns 3!

Happy Birthday my little May day babes!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kiefer's favourite activity

He is happiest with a pair of scissors in his hands. He can be standing/sitting there snipping and cutting paper into little bits and pieces for the longest time. He cuts them into little shapes and he especially loves triangles. Funny little boy. :D

Weekend fun

Being so busy on weekdays, we try to bring the boys out on weekends to have some family fun. And as far as possible, we try to go for outdoor, free fun! :P So where have we been to in the last couple of weeks?

Lor Halus Wetlands
The park connector at Punggol Promenade is finally open and the park itself is a nice place to go and have an evening walk. It faces Sungei Serangoon and seriously, the view there is really quite amazing. At the end of the park is a bridge that connects Punggol Promenade to the Lor Halus Wetlands. The wetlands is not completely done up yet, but it is already open. It is a pretty nice place to visit as it is different from the usual parks. Lor Halus used to be a landfill and now they have developed it into a wetland. We are supposedly able to see various bird species there, though we saw none when we were there that day. However, the boys had a great time running about and spotting dragonflies, pondskaters, looking at water lilies and playing touch with the mimosas.

Lots of space to run about

Great view of Sungei Serangoon

I huff and I puff and I blow the seeds away?!
Bridge linking Punggol to Lor Halus
Touching the mimosas to close them
Lovely cattails

Tanjong Beach Sentosa
We found Tanjong Beach Club by accident when we decided to go to the beach at Sentosa. Tanjong Beach Club is really a nice restaurant at Tanjong Beach Sentosa. Well, the food is pricey (as expected) and there's just loads of ang mos there. But with the nice sun beds and clean sand, it is certainly a great place to lounge and spend a weekend morning there.
We'll go there at about 10ish (they open at 10am on weekends) and that's when they do not have a lot of people yet and we can get hold of a deck chair or a sun bed. The crowd start coming at about lunch time. When we there on Friday, the staff was quite nice and they actually came to us to tell us that they have a reservation at noon and that we could use the sun beds till then. So yup.. not too bad service. In return, we'll usually order fries for the kiddos. And I must say, the fries there are really quite good.
The daddy bought the boys a dinghy and they had fun sitting in it while daddy towed them all over the sea.
The sand at Sentosa is nice and clean. Unlike the other beaches on the mainland.
This silly boy had a ball of a time lugging the dinghy, saying that he is shielding himself from the sun!

The tide was really low and we caught a starfish! And yes, we released it before we left the beach.
A sun bed, fries and ketchup. What more can you ask for?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The long overdue family road trip

Warning: Image heavy post!
The last time I remembered doing a road trip like this was when I was really little. I remember that it was a road trip to Desaru with all my aunts. I even remember that one of the days fell on my birthday and I received a Tweety Bird soft toy then. The last holiday that I remember having gone with my parents and both my sisters was the one where we went to Indonesia and that was ages. Also, I remember that the last time I went Genting Highlands, I was still a wee little girl. Small enough to be still riding the 20 sen kiddy joy rides while my father was next door on the jackpot machines!! :P 

This trip kind of took 3 months to plan and coordinate. I brought the idea up during CNY this year and was surprised that everyone did take to it. Big sis was the one who made the hotel bookings and so off we went! :P 

We drove off at about 645am (It was supposed to be 630am but the people who were supposed to give us a ring when they drove off didn't. :{) and met up at the first rest stop when we passed the Tuas customs.

Improvised the "in-flight entertainment" with the iPad! :P The boys probably watched for about 30mins before we reached Melaka.

Our first stop was Melaka. We stayed at Equatorial again. However, with sis' corporate booking this time, we managed to get the premier rooms at the rates that we'd usually pay for the superior. It was really spacious and came with the day bed which, the children slept on that night. Having that extra bed really was a lifesaver now that they boys are quite big. It is quite a squeeze having all 4 of us in a king sized bed already! 

Day bed at Equatorial
As usual, we had brunch at Dim Sum Garden (at Bandar Hilir) and then did some shopping at Pahlawan before checking in. After a good nap, the boys went for a swim and then off we went to Bei Zhan (Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17, Kota Laksamana) for dinner. This time around, with BiL around, we got to go to the Portuguese Settlement for a stroll. We originally wanted to have dinner there but it started raining at dinner time and so Bei Zhan it was.


Orange juice and the vegetable + pineapple juice. Signature juices at Bei Zhan. They have another potato + apple juice which I never really liked.

All the kiddos on this trip. One rose among the 5 boys. :D

After an overnight stay at Equatorial, we left for Genting after lunch. Lunch was at this nonya restaurant called Nancy's which I thought the food was just alright. Not exactly fantastic but expensive (compared to Bei Zhan). 

The drive up to Genting was really quite nice. As we made our way up the mountain, the air got cooler and cooler. I think hubby had a great time doing a Grand Prix up the last bit of the mountain! :P

This was a super expensive meal we had at the FOOD COURT at First World hotel. 5 bowls of bak kut teh + you tiao and rice cost us RM$100!!! And the soups came in rice bowl sized bowls!!! Also, it was just really very average tasting. So anyone heading to First World Hotel, here's the warning. Avoid this bak kut teh stall in the food court!!!

First World Hotel is a really cheap and tacky looking hotel from outside. Who on earth paints their hotel to look like this??? And its check in lobby is one crowded place. I felt as though I was in the check in lounge of an airport or something! However, I must say that the interior of the hotel is pretty decent and that it is really very convenient to be staying there. The shopping is there, the amusement park is also there. Can't ask for anything more.

We dragged the couch over and draped a sheet over. Small fry slept in the couch for the next 2 nights, giving us more space on the bed. :D He actually enjoyed having a "bed" of his own.
The 3 of them were the only ones that were still within the height limit for this ride.
They went nuts spinning the teacups round and round. Towards the end, I saw Kiefer slumped to the side, hanging on to his dear life! I was giddy just watching them!
This was the ultimate photo of the trip!! :P See my 2nd sis' face? Priceless!

Just the 4 of us here!
Trying to act out the scene from Jurassic Park I. The other boy just didn't go away tho' he saw us taking pictures!! Gonna crop him out when I photoshop this picture! :P

There was some clown-themed thingy going on at the park. I thought they looked horrendous tho'.
Small fry loved following his Josh Kor Kor around on rides.
His first time driving a bumper car on his own. He couldn't get the car to move in the beginning and kept wondering what we we trying to gesture to him. However, once he got it, off he went!
Can't tell that these 2 are just 6 weeks apart in age, can you?

Till our next trip again!!! 

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