Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What is IT, Kieran!

At dinner, and as usual, he's running about and taking a long time to finish up.
Kiefer: I spy with my little eye, something white.
*trying to get me to play*
Me: I spy with my little eye, something pink, Kiefer!
Kiefer (with the usual cheeky look and voice): hee.. smacking!

After dinner:
Kieran: Mummy, I need the other one! (referring to what he needed to pack in his school bag.)
Me: What other one, Kieran!
Kieran (distracted on the iPad): the other one!
Me: What the other one? If you don't tell me, you'll just get into trouble tomorrow!
Kiefer (exasperated): WHAT IS IT, KIERAN?!!
Kieran: orh... the math book...

He constantly amuses and surprises us at how fast he catches onto things. He is observant and aware of what's going on around him. Sometimes sneaky too... Very adorable babe (tho' I might be bias, I'm his mum!)

A picture from earlier, small fry was so happy that Kieran was home that he ran out and gave him a big hug the moment Kieran stepped off the school bus! <3 p="">

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