Sunday, May 18, 2014

Life's full of unexpected happenings...

Loads of stuff happened over the last 2 months. And I can't seem to catch up on my sleep/ rest at all. It feels as though we keep slamming against waves, over and over again.

It started late Nov 2013, when we cancelled our long awaited trip to the US. It was a really last minute cancellation (i.e the Saturday before the Tuesday that we were due to fly) cos MiL fell ill. It was a scramble to cancel air tickets and it was a good thing that hubby managed to cancel all the hotels and car rentals. Our travel insurance also came through, with our claims on the cancellation charges on our air tickets.

We still, however, managed to take the entire family (including SiL's family) to Bali for a short holiday. It was still good fun for the boys because they were with their cousins, and had a great time bunking with them in the same room at the hotel.

To make up for the cancelled trip, we also took the boys to Legoland M'sia for a day. It was a rather quiet day and we managed to finish the park by about 430pm. We left the park as the rain clouds started coming in and made our way up to Melaka for 2 nights.

December was full of USS visits as we bought season passes (and the unlimited express passes) for our family.  The unlimited express passes were great because now we can bypass the horrendously long queues to get to the front of the lines. Having said that, some lines are really still about 20min long even with the express pass.

Come January, grandpa (mum's father) was admitted into the hospital with a chest infection. In the week that he was in there, there were times we thought that he was going to pull through but in the end, he didn't. In a way, it was comforting to know that it didn't drag on too long as his lungs were fluid-filled and they had to perform suction to remove the fluids everyday. I'm sure that wasn't a painless procedure to go through. He was just 2 weeks shy of his 96th birthday. RIP grandpa.

Hopefully, things will settle down and we'll have a better 2014.

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