Thursday, May 14, 2015


It is almost half a year into 2015! I've neglected this blog. Just some updates:

Kiefer is in P1 this year and he seems to be doing quite alright in school. As predicted, he is really a very messy and scatterbrained boy. He has already lost countless erasers, pencils and well, his coin pouch many times. Though his coin pouch is usually somewhere in his bag or around the house. There have also been times when he forgets that he has spelling or 听写 the next day, and he'll end up having mistakes in those times.

Kieran is in P3 this year. We see a sharp difference between P1 & 2 and now that he is in P3. Homework is almost a daily affair and he gets a lot more homework. Assessments are another ball game altogether. We don't seem to get the hang of assessments at this point as he seems to always be doing ok in his classwork but doesn't perform in tests and exams. Still have to find our footing in that. We are trying not to be too kiasu and pressurising, but sometimes can't help but feel the need to push him. Still trying to find the balance.

On the family side, we have moved into our new home. It is really good to have our own place once again. Yes, there is more housework to be done, but it really is nice to have the entire house to myself and to do whatever I want. I've started baking and cooking more these days, now that I own a kitchen again! :) I can't say that the house is very neat and tidy, but I guess it is clean enough and it is home for us. I think the boys are happy to be in our own home too.

We will be celebrating the boys' birthdays this weekend. Another year has past, and we all have grown older by another year. It just seem that time passes faster and faster as the years go by. I think we get so busy that we just do not notice the time.  Really have to make a conscious effort to slow down and simply enjoy. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

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